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Discussion in 'Car Audio, Electronics & Security' started by arick793, Dec 12, 2017.

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    I've never done any audio work other than replacing stock components, so I'm looking for a little feedback on a setup that I'm thinking about.

    I just ordered the speaker kick panels. I'm going to be running a 6.5 speaker in each one. A component system would be best, right? With the speaker and a seperate tweeter? And I'm putting two 4 inch speakers in the center of the dash, where the original one was. For the rear, I was thinking about two 6x9's and one 10 inch subwoofer. Now here's my plan to power it all: I want to run the 4 front speakers off of the 4 speaker channels from my CD player. And with a 4 channel amp, run one channel to each 6x9, and "bridge" the other two for the single subwoofer. Does this sound logical? Thanks!
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    I can't help but let me know how the kick panels go. I want to put something other than just rear speakers in mine and wasn't sure which direction to go.
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    Yes, this will work. But I can tell you that the center speakers being so close together will lead to poor stereo separation. Not sure why you even need them mounted there. Just use the kick panels, although those cause vocals to be rather low. Maybe mount some tweeters on the a-pillars to bring the stage up and use the pods for midrange/midbass. It is very hard on these cars to get a good front stage.
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    That will work good. Unless you turn the gain down on the amp for the 6x9's in the rear, they will overpower the fronts. I have kind of the same setup in a different vehicle, and I used mid-bass for the 6 1/4's, and put tweeters in the dash with bass blockers. I have a dual voice coil front 4x10 in my Camaro that sounds very good unamplified. (straight out of the speaker leads from the head unit). It came with the mounting bracket and bolted right in. Here are some of the Custom Autosound options:


    Edit; this link takes you to their home page. Select your car and it will give you the options available for your year. Hope this helps.

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