SBC decoding help, Please!

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  1. mrdragster1970

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    If anyone can look this engine up, I would appreciate it.



  2. coxwm2

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    Looks like a 1974 350 with Turbohydramatic Trans. Built in Baltimore. Based on the VIN, it should have put in a Monte Carlo, but the T in the first line indicates it should have been a Truck motor.

    T0621CMR = Truck, June 21, 350 Automatic

    14B = Chevrolet 1974 Baltimore

    609983 = Monte Carlo started with 5 as first digit. There may have been pickup trucks built with 6 as the first digit, but I don't have any information regarding truck VIN.

    I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong here.

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  3. tom3

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    Aug 1, 1999
    Pretty much on target, except the T in the suffix is the Towanda engine plant I think.

    Engine ID Code Example: V0101CLJ - (V = Plant, 01 = Month, 01 = Day, CLJ = Engine Suffix Code)

    Engine Plant Code
    Flint (Motor/6-cyl) F
    Hydramatic H
    St. Catherines, Ontario K
    (McKinnon Industries Canada)
    GM of Mexico M
    Saginaw Service S
    Tonawanda T
    Flint (Engine/V8) V
  4. Gary S

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    Apr 14, 1999
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    The T is Tonawanda, the engine factory.
    CMR on a Baltimore car would be either a Chevelle or a Monte Carlo. I'd guess more likely Chevelle than Monte Carlo. Monte VIN started with 600,001 and should have been far past 609983 by June. Chevelle started with 400,001 and was a high production car. 609982 might be reasonable for a late produced Chevelle.
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    Thanks, that helps a ton. It must have been from an old 74 Chevelle that I striped several years ago.
    I just have so much stuff, I can't remember what is what??
    With all the 305's & 307's that have been around, that's great news.

    Thanks guys,


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