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Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by dcozzi, Jan 11, 2019.

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    What do you do besides working on the Camaro? I made this last weekend out of a Harbor Freight hitch and some spare metal I had around. No, the top is not the cast iron piece from a Harbor Freight grinder stand but, it is a direct copy. I am making mounts I can easily install that will hold my new tubing notcher and bender. I do not have room to permanently mount these things to the floor and do not have a workbench made of metal (yet). I did get rid of the 2 pins on the bottom to make it move less by welding it up tight and made a steel wedge I can insert into the receiver so that does not move either.

    After it was done and painted, all I could picture was a BBQ mounted to it so, that is next.

    20190106_153945.jpg 20190106_154004.jpg
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    Nice work Dave! I work on diesel pick ups, do diesel conversions, and have done a few LS swaps. I mainly work on cummins enignes but do quite a bit on powerstrokes too. I have an 08 F250 coming for a 2 cylinder delete kit soon. Haha These side projects take away from camaro time but they buy the parts for it.
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    Side projects..... I play in a couple bands.

    One is a rock/metal band doing covers from Sabbath, Slayer, Riot (no, not Quiet Riot) and Dio etc..... We just got a new singer and should be hitting the stage in another month or so.

    The other band is a studio project doing original metal in the vane of King Diamond/Mercyful Fate. We've released a few CD's and videos, however this band will likely never play a live gig. I sent some promo material to @MotionClone a while back and he seemed to like it.

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