SO who else has the "Crud" aka sinus infection, flu like symptoms

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by f-body, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. f-body

    f-body Veteran Member

    Feb 1, 2000
    So I have been fighting this for three weeks and it just wont go away. I have flu like or cold like syptoms. Stuffy head, sinus drainage and headaches behind my eye and now my teeth hurt. Yeah I know stop whinning.
    Been to the doctor. I have some meds now but a virus can not be stopped by antibiotics, antibiotics only work on bacteria. So if anyone has any suggestions. I am tired of taking dayquill and nyquill and Halls. My head is killing. Fluids and rest and vitamins I know.
  2. pdq67

    pdq67 BANNED

    Jul 26, 2001
    Columbia, MO, USA
    I live w/ this crap and my last bout was like two weeks ago. I got some 400 mg Avelox tab's and it knocked it right out of me!

    Suckers are high-priced, but they do the job for me!!

    And drink plenty of WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PS., I usually start w/ like a 1000 mg of Asprin twice to three time's a day until my stomach back's up on me! And if that doesn't get it, I go for the Avelox.
  3. noj akrog

    noj akrog Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Aug 9, 2003
    Richmond, Tx.
    I had the same dang thing a couple of weeks ago. After suffering for almost three weeks, thinking that a cold should go away after 7-10 days, wifee convinced me to go see a doctor. Yep, sure enough, sinus infection was the diagnosis. Got a script for antibiotics and a decongestant and got to feeling better in a few days. Good luck and hope you get better!

    oh yeah, and dring lots of water
  4. TheFly

    TheFly Guest

    Ya got black mold growing on your brain ;)
  5. 79CamaroMan

    79CamaroMan Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    May 28, 2002
    Farmington Hills, MI
    I just got over a nasty sinus infection this week. Headache, sore throat, nasty yellow/green/brown phlem comin up all day and night, general feeling of crappiness....It lasted about a week, didnt miss any work but I should have. Mucinex helped, so did the Excedrin, and the Nyquil. I can still feel my throat a little bit in the morning, but its almost healed now..

    I rarely ever get sick, but at least when I do get sick I get over it in a relatively short time. I'm sure that will change as I age.
  6. southern-breeze

    southern-breeze Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Oct 24, 2004
    north alabama
    i had it 2 weeks ago also .and i went and got 2 shots and infection pills and bottle of prescription cough syrup and took alot of nyquil and finally the sinus infection went away ,
  7. busterswt

    busterswt Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Oct 4, 2004
    San Antonio, TX
    I got it two weeks ago. Flu-like symptoms lasting a day, but overall crappy feeling lasting a week or so. Still coughing crap up...
  8. noj akrog

    noj akrog Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Aug 9, 2003
    Richmond, Tx.

    count on it!!! one of the benefits of seniority :rolleyes:
  9. Knuckle Dragger

    Knuckle Dragger Moderator Staff Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Nov 2, 2002
    Waddell AZ
    I had it a couple of weeks ago. Kicked my butt. Horrible horrible stuff. Lasted about a week and a half, I wanted to die.
  10. Redge

    Redge Veteran Member

    Oct 11, 2003
    Denton, Texas
    I had a horrible case of the flu from Monday night to Thursday afternoon. I hit 103.7* I'm still coughing my lungs out though.

    I don't know about everywhere else, but this season there are TONS of people getting the flu around here. Half the people I know have come down with it in the last month. No joke.

    Worst part for me though is, I was cocky about it since I haven't been sick beyond a few sniffles in the last 3 years.....then I get it.:(

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