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Discussion in 'Car Audio, Electronics & Security' started by rchydzik, Sep 16, 2017.

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    No Camaro, but a 2010 Silverado Extended cab question. I am installing a Kenwood four channel amp in my Silverado. It is a 4x50W (4ohm) or 4x75W (2ohm). I am using Infinity Kappas (75W/225Wpeak 2ohm), four of them. I planned to connect the amp speaker output to the factory harness at the head unit, which is a Kenwood. I plan to mount the amp under the rear seat. Is the factory speaker wiring adequate for this? I plan to use 14ga from the amp to the factory harness.

    I have had the Kenwood head unit and Infinity speakers in place for a while, I just wanted some more "body" or "fullness" to the sound.

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