This ’79 Z/28 Is A Survivor. Should The Owner Modify It?

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by dave@ztech, Mar 15, 2018.

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    Beautiful car, but not really all original if the passenger quarter panel has been replaced? The 79z28 is not exactly a rare bird but if this car goes to Barrett Jackson after another 50 years in the garage untouched and loved, I am not sure that they would let him call the car "all original"
    And she has the tree fitty? How much hp did those make in 79, like 150? Haha He's gonna get hassled about putting an LS in the thing on a regular basis.
    Oddly enough I refuse to LS, small block or big block swap for my 77 Camaro because 77 was the last year of the inline six for Camaro, and only 3% were equipped with the inline six for that year, around 14,000 units.
    If I ever break something bad enough it's impossible to fix, then I'll LS or big block swap her. But these gm inline sixes weren't installed in tractors and industrial applications for no reason :)

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