tip of the day for kick panel removal....

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  1. Mathes79Z

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    Feb 14, 2001
    Six Mile Run, Pa, USA
    a crowbar will result in the loss of either fingers, blood, or your kickpanel pieces.
    however, if you simply take the two nuts off the back of the parking brake cable that are located under your hood under your brake booster, then take the nut off right above the lever for the parking brake, the parking brake will fall nicely out of your way, then remove all the screws holding it in.

    took me about 5 min's to take it out (what was left), it probably took the guy i got the car off of about 2 hours to bust off most of what i unscrewed. looked like the thing exsploded. he told me he couldnt figure out how to get it out, must be stuck. yea.... stuck to the firewall with screws!

    ok, vented.

    the pass side comes out even easier.
  2. 3SLO5

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    Jan 7, 2001
    Edison NJ USA
    i know how you feel the retard guy that had the car befor me i guess was trying to put in a new heater core he busted up the heater box under the dash removed all the ac stuff in the engine compartment cut the inner fender in half then put it back together with duct tape so i had to but everything from another car at the junk yard and now my heat is hot and my ac is cold.
  3. 79camaro305

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    Jul 8, 2001
    Hainesport, NJ USA
    The only problem is, unfortunately, they (GM) used some type of ultra-industrial strength glue to hold the things on. Even with all of the above off, you will more than likely still have a hard time with it..
    But, if this helps ya get at it, it's a good tip...

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  4. Mathes79Z

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    Feb 14, 2001
    Six Mile Run, Pa, USA
    no glue, just a whole lot of sound deadaner material, just pull slowly and it will all come out.

    about the hot ac and cold heat, could your valve on your heaterbox be backwards?
  5. reinhardt65

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    Dec 16, 2001
    Va Bach, Va, USA
    talking about stupid xxx people and xxxx they do with these 20 some year old cars....
    first... i got a camaro that some dumb xxxx let the whole frame rust up... so i got this sweet engine w/ no body. so i found it a body... the body was in a field for 2 years... it interesting... some of the stuff ppl do... i found a shoe string where a metal rod belonged... that was strange... i find different bolts in the wrong places... and the list goes on....

    EDIT: language. please keep a hold on those words. thanks.

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  6. Mountaineer

    Mountaineer Veteran Member

    The black gooey stuff around the vent is not glue or sound deadener, its weatherstripping putty to keep the outside elements from coming in around the vent to the floorboard.

  7. bagpuss

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    Feb 23, 2008
    gonna try that, lots of cursing this past weekend, eventually gave up, kick panels 1, me 0. till we meet again kick panels!!.:whine: :whine:
  8. John Wright

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    Aug 9, 2002
    Rustburg, Va
    Also...don't forget to loosen or take off the metal A-pillar trim...the kick panels go under the edges of that metal trim.....and do replace the weather stripping putty or you will have water leaks...but only when it rains or you wash your car...LOL
  9. SG71SS

    SG71SS Veteran Member

    Do what the guy said in 2001.

    Below is for A/C kick panels.

    Driver side:
    1.) Remove 2 nuts on the motor side of firewall which holds the e-brake assembly in place.
    2.) Inside car, remove one bolt (top of e-brake assembly) and one nut (the one on the bolt that pokes through the kick panel) holding e-brake assembly in place. This will allow you to swing assembly out of the way enough to remove 2 or 3 hidden screws holding the kick panel in place.
    3.) Remove screws, loosen sill plate and a-pillar. Kick panel will come right out.

    Passenger side:
    1.) Remove screws holding actuator cover.
    2.) Remove 2 bolts holding actuator.
    3.) Remove rest of screws holding kick panel. Another tip is to use those S-shaped screwdrivers since the heater box will not allow you to use a regulear screwdriver for one of the screws.
    4.) Remove kick panel. It WILL clear the heater box housing. Kind of lift up and then pull out.
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  10. li0nhart123

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    Jan 20, 2008
    British Columbia

    guess what i forgot to do....i ended up with two inches of water on my passenger floor...

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