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Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by Appstro, Oct 21, 2009.

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    sorry dont know anything about 770s, do know alot about 660s and they are race carbs, i dont use them on street cars, they work really good on drag cars, a couple of 650 vs in line will hook you up after the above mentioned couple sets a plugs, and a little work!!!! on my 454 w tr2x i have 2 750 ms mounted sideways w adapters, after several sets of plugs some accelerator pump tuning, and some restricting of the idle feeds its sweeeett!!!!! so just get after it and stick w it till you got it, remember not everybody can run tunnel rams you get it right, and then reap the benefits of 40-50 extra ftbs torque,:)
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    D9114937-8D14-4B54-A0E4-23E3045F7A36.jpeg 17E5A824-B9D5-43E3-8C1E-8DD1EB6A8BEB.jpeg I realize this is a old thread but after reading a lot of the comments I just want to set the record straight on running a tunnel ram on the street . All this it can’t be tuned unless you are a carb guru and it’s only good for high rpm and bad street manners etc etc .
    I have a 355 sbc with a 248 duration roller cam at .50 with a 110 LSC with a dual quad tunnel ram that starts like a champ kick down the choke it idles at 1000 rpm and I can drive in 4th gear 1800 rpm around town with no chugging or bucking .
    That’s with dual 625 cfm Holley street demon carbs . My previous set up was a rpm dual plane with a AED 750 DP set up perfectly with my air fuel gauge and my tunnel ram setup has way more torque down low . All I’m saying is don’t fear the ram . I’m not here to offend anyone just to let everyone know that wants to run a tunnel ram don’t be nervous
    Oh btw the cool factor is through the roof I get way more looks and comments with the tunnel ram
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    I’m running a tunnel ram in my 71 race car with a 383 with 600 Edelbrock’s. It’s a fun car to drive and tons of looks and photos taken of it.

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    What's the combo and what's your best time?
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    Wow this is an old thread, being that said one of the best setups was the Weiand Hi-ram intake and 2 450 Holley's I had on a 327. Today it would be better with the Eddy carbs as those have a way better idle circuit on them. Nice to look at but don't get caught in the rain.
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    Yep, same hear, the last 3 TR SBC setups I did, the 600's VS (406) needed a little work, but the 2 others (331-383) needed nothing, both 450's, Idle/cruise and WOT was very very good right out of the box!!
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    I did a back to back on a 305 headed 385" sbc that had a 280H cam 230@ .050.
    The heads I ran were built for Mark Abrahamian RIP.
    I kept the runner cross section small and did not raise the exhaust port. Stocker chevelle he wanted to wake up.
    The RPM intake and 750 carb was down 53 HP everywhere vs the Tall ram with 2 600 Edelbrock 1405 carbs.

    Very correct in saying the drive excellent even on mild stuff.
    I later stuck the ram on my 57 chevy and beat up on my buddies 2015 mustang.
    My 57 has a 350" with 601 305 heads and the same 280H cam.

    My old ram off my 78 Nova on my buddies 78 Nova.

    I went 1.7 in the 60 foot in that 4 door 57. With crappy 28 total timing. Distributor moved on me after the burnout.
    Here is that run.

    One reason I do not run one all the time is I do not wish to cut a hole in my hood.
    Not the main reason,,, The main reason is that it seems there are a lot more thiefs today.
    I* am afraid it will get taken or one of the carbs or the battery will get stolen while I am grocery shopping or have the car parked at the boat ramp parking area all day or night.
    25 years ago I ran the tunnel-ram on my Nova and I was not worried about someone jacking it.
    It would also pull my boat to the lake and sit there until I got back.

    Crooks are pretty brave today. Different types of crooks.. used to be they need money to eat or drink.
    Now they need it for crack or heroine.
    They will do odd things for that stuff.

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