Vehicle mileage write off's for construction workers??

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by Aceshigh, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Aceshigh

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    Apr 9, 2001
    Earlsfat, or any other tax guru's, need some insight.

    My brother is getting royally dikked over lately and I just want to see if he
    has an option to get reimbursed. He's a Local 150 Union operating engineer.

    His shop has him driving 96 miles one way to a jobsite.
    This job site is ~76 miles from his shop base.
    He's forced to drive his POV and he's spending $8 each way in tolls on top of it.
    This is costing him over $500 a week in traveling expenses with no reimbursements.

    Is there some kind of tax write off he can use to get reimbursed ?? They told him
    unless he's transporting work equipment, he can't write it off. I would think him
    transporting his hard hat, safety glasses, safety boots, etc. all constitutes him
    transporting his equipment for the jobsite. Either way , I thought if you drove over
    45-50 miles one way to a jobsite from your home base you could write it off.

    Any tax experts here that can chime in ??
    He's blowing $200 every 2 days in gas plus $32 in tolls......I feel he's getting ripped off.
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  2. krabben1

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    May 16, 2007
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    Hes not alone.We have to drive wherever they tell us and we dont get reimbursed either.Union also.Its either go,or dont get paid.I work with guys who carry a dolly and claim mileage at the end of the year.But as usual,when called upon,you have to have proof to back up your claims.
  3. muscl car

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    stace ................ along time ago when i was working as an electrician i was sent most of the time 70 miles away from the shop to go to a jobsite then spend maybe 4 hrs there and then go to another job site maybe 20 plus miles away .i sometimes averaged 150-200 miles per day and this wasn't a union shop ,back then there wasn't alot of construction jobs locally to the company and they had to get jobs out of the county just to stay in business
  4. muscl car

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    stace .......i 've got another friend of mine and member on here that is a union journeyman electrician who drives from his house in san bernardino to state line /primm nevada for work . that's 180 miles one way and he leaves from his house on sunday to drive up there and comes home on saturday
  5. twozs

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    Aug 5, 1999
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    ya got to go where the work is . he is definitely not being FORCED to do anything though . but lets not talk about the other option . i drive 50 miles each way to my shop , so its time for the fiat 500 or smart car . if his local covers that much area , i guess he knew it when he joined . i drive my 2001 Z28 and it cost me about 100 bucks a week on premium fuel at about 4.00 dollars gallon . what the hell does he drive , a Sherman tank ? i have no tolls , but he drives about double what i drive and it cost him 5 times more ? you don't really need the biggest vehicle in the world to carry yourself and " your hard hat, safety glasses , and safety boots " to a job site .
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  6. Ryan 79

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    Mar 29, 1999
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    Can't he carpool with someone?

    I know it sucks though. My commute is going rom 22 miles to 42 miles tomorrow
  7. 69LM1

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    Feb 20, 2005
    New Orleans, LA

    Have him get some vinyl signs made up and put on the car with a home business name, and claim the expenses as "mobile advertising". Check with a CPA.

    If he has a hobby that he can turn into a home based business, selling classic car parts, anything this may work for him.

  8. jhead55

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    Jun 15, 2007
    Leesburg, Georgia
    If the location is temporary (less than 1 year) he can deduct his travel expenses. If the time period is permanent or indefinite (expected to be greater than 1 year) he cannot deduct travel expenses. He can deduct travel expenses on IRS form 2106, Employee Business Expenses. He does not have to itemize deductions to use 2106. He can also use the standard .50 rate per mile or use his actual expenses.
  9. Aceshigh

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    Apr 9, 2001
    Yes, it's temporary.

    This is the information I was seeking. How sure of this are you??
    Is there a certain # that once you travel more then this it's deductible ??
    Say like 50 miles from your base of operations ??

    Just wondering what that # is.
  10. Todd80Z28

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    Jun 11, 2002
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