Video of VAQ-33 Crash on Nimitz!

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    Around the time that Gulf War I was going on, I heard about a EA-3B from my old squadron, VAQ-33 crashing ( ). I searched on YouTube and found thee video that shows the EA-3B crashing! . From what I remember when this accident first came out is that the green pilot bolterd (didn't catch an arresting wire) numerous times so they set up the barrier to catch him. He (obviously) came in too high and too fast which caused him to tear the barrier apart. The aircraft then slid down the flight deck, went off the angle deck, and into the water.

    I too am confused as to why they didn't send a rescue team to get them out. I didn't know any of the crew as I got out of the Navy in 1971.

    The A-3D (the Skywarrior's original designation) was called the All Three Dead as NOBODY has EVER gotten out of an A-3. The tail is 30+ feet tall so ejection seats can't clear the tail. They installed a side door on it but the fuselage's aerodynamics suck you down the side hammering you to death or you get sucked into the J-57 jet engine! There is a radome on the belly with many antena's sticking out it so you are implaled on them if you go out that way.

    BTW, VAW-33's mission was electronic warfare = monitoring other countries electronics. Electronics being any radio signals from communications to radar.
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    Jun 10, 2001
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    Wait, that plane held 7 people???
  3. muscl car

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    A Bomber variant A3 skyraider had (3) crew members .. pilot , bomber /navigator and rear gunner

    a electronics warfare variant had an additional (4) crew members as electronic warfare countermeasure specialists and they were seated in the bomb bay area

    even though these are Navy aircraft we had a squadron of these at MCAS El Toro

    you can see the (2) windows just behind and below the cockpit ,that's were the other (4) electronic countermeasure officers are seated

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  4. Cardinal

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    Pilot, copilot, crewchief, four to eight operators depending on the number of stations in what was the bombay area. The bombay area was 6' wide, 6' high and (if my memory serves me right 20' (or longer).
  5. muscl car

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    if memory serves me right the S3 viking is what replaced the Douglas A3 skyraider , and the S3 carries a crew of (4)

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    Sep 16, 2012
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    I took aircrash/fire rescue when I was firefighting,our instructor was a Navy guy from NAS Whiting Feild and use to bring in the Navy films.Some intense flightdeck footage from all angles.Learned alot from him and actually put it to use.Went to a twin engine plane crash into a apartment complex killing all souls on board I was one of the FF that removed the bodies. And a F-16 crash into one of our neighborhoods.The F-16 had a engine come apart the pilot tried to run it into the ground.He ejected last minute,the plane hit the street skipped twice then went into a house killing a child and burning his mother.The pilot did all he could do he tried to drive it straight into the street his chute didn't fully deploy and he was caught in a tree.Will never forget either of those days.You could see the marks in the street were the plane hit and bounced and hit again.
  7. muscl car

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    we had some pretty bad accidents at El Toro involving Marine aircraft in which quite a few were fatal .One day while at my duty section was watching a RF4B doing touch n go's when on one of his attempts the landing gear collapsed causing the aircraft to hit hard onto the runway seriously injuring the pilot and rear seat officer . Another really bad accident when a early version FA18 crashed into the bases chapel killing the pilot

    one of the worst crashes there at the base was in 1965 when a military transport aircraft with 84 marines onboard crashed into Toro peak on take off ,this aircraft was headed to Vietnam when this crash happened
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  8. Rene Melten

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    Sep 22, 2007
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    "Hard Copy" sensationalism, I don't think the Navy had any reason to hide anything whether they retrieved the crew or not. There more than likely was a safety issue or some other reason undisclosed by an over reacting television production just to sell soap.
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    ^ This.
    Crap......that was one of our deployments.
    We were out there with the Nimitz and Carl Vinson BG's

    Planes crash out on cruises all the time during work ups and training.
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  10. david.rosol

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    Jul 2, 2009
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    I built a bomber version model of the "Whale" when I was 16... I thought it was one of the coolest planes I had built... tail gun and all. If memory serves me, it was the A-3D varient.

    When I was on the Enterprise, we lost an F-14 during work ups in the carribean around St. Thomas while it was on landing approach... hydraulic failure caused it to go in the drink before it even made it to the ship... both crewmen ejected safely.

    Then a month or so later when we headed out for our Med float, there was an S-3 that had landed (night landing) but hadn't cleared out of the way yet as an EA-6B from VAQ-130 was coming in... the EA-6B was waved off, but it didn't power up enough to gain enough altitude before it clipped the S-3's verticle tail fin and sent the EA-6B crashing into the Atlantic... killing all four in the EA-6B. The S-3 pretty much exploded on impact and the crew ejected, one landing in the water, and the other's chute tangled in the control tower antennas. The plane burned up pretty bad and was so hot started melting the canopies on a few nearby F/A-18's... In the end... the air boss and LSO were canned and were in all sorts of trouble... The crew of the EA-6B was never found except for maybe one if I remember, as well as a helmet that had remains in it... it was a sad tragic day. One of the crew on the EA-6B was like one of the first female pilots on it or something. We searched for days until we were ordered to steam over to the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Fox. The S-3 was stripped of any salvageable parts and then dumped in the ocean along the way before we hit the Med. One of the F-18's was too badly damaged to stay on deployment but was still repairable and was off loaded when we stopped in Crete' after Desert Fox and a new one was flown in.

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