What are you guys doing for insurance? (I'm in TN if that matters)

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    May 22, 2013
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    Do you guys run through Hagerty?...or another classic car insurance?

    What did you value your car at? Did you do replacement cost or actual cost? And what are you paying yearly? Did someone come out and look and appraise your car?

    • Hagerty was very expensive with a quick call ($1,380/yr) @ $60,000 replacement cost and the typical 100/300/100.
    • Safeco was $427/year @ 60,000 replacement cost and the typical 100/300/100.
    Odd that the discrepancy between the two is this high...? What are you all seeing/doing? THANKS! Important to note that I stated I'd be putting roughly 3k miles MAX on the car a year.
  2. danbrennan

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    I've been using American Collectors Insurance for a number of years, for three of my cars. I insure them at "agreed value", which in the $10K-$20K for each of my cars. The bill for all three is about $600 yearly, although we have the goofy Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association(MCCA) fee added to our insurance, so that makes it more expensive than other states, I imagine. I don't know how they are for handling claims, I've never filed a claim with them. A few years ago they starting requiring I have historical vehicle license plates for my cars, to get the reduced MCCA rate for old cars in Michigan. In Michigan, that means one can drive a car with historical plates anywhere only in August. Otherwise one is supposed to only take the car out on the road if it's on the way to a car show, or a repair shop.
  3. GoldenOne7710

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    You'll want/need to call several companies for best quotes as it is different for everybody. If you have an agent who already writes your daily driver insurance, have them run your info with the companies they underwrite for as well.
  4. flht99b

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    Nov 28, 2014
    Knoxville, TN
    AARP member so I took advantage of their collector car insurance called American Modern through Hartford. Agreed value of $35k, $353 a year, 0 deductibles, free towing, trip interruption. In Knoxville TN, although most of car is original, it is a full on but and bolt rotisserie restoration. Rear is original to car with 4.10's, tremec tko 600 5 speed, 4 wheel disc brakes, electric fan, deluxe cloth interior. Motor started life in a 72 Z28 automatic, still has original forged crank, rods and block, rotating assembly is still STD/STD, .030 bore with Wiesco tops, forged flat tops, Lunati flat tappet hydraulic cam, Holley 300-36, MSD pro billet dist, Holley 780 3310-2 carb. Suspension parts from PTFB, Global West, Larse, AFCO, bigger sway bars. I consider it a mid rest mod or mild pro touring car.

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    anything over 25K with hagarty is going to be Expensive. 20k is $320 a year.;)
    If your trying to insure for 60k do alot of research!!
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    Sep 14, 2000
    Point #1 - comparing rates when you don't live in the same area is pointless. Rates vary widely within a state. Once you cross a state line, rates vary even more...

    Point #2 - Values over $25K are not expensive for me with Hagerty in MN. Three of my four collector cars are insured for $24K or more and my premium is only $810 per year.

    Zero deductible comp and collision at agreed value
    250/500/100 liability
    250/500 uninsured and underinsured motorist

    Most important to me is the restrictions on when, where and how I can operate my vehicles. Hagerty has the broadest usage available for any collector car policy that I have seen. Too many policies limit you to driving to and from shows, parades or similar restrictions.

    The major limitations of my Hagerty policy is I must:

    1. Have at least one daily driver insured on a regular auto policy (I have two)
    2. Store my vehicles in a locked garage (which they are)
    3. Not drive the car to work on a daily basis (as of today, I am fully retired)
    4. Pay my premiums (so does everyone else)
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  7. SS Performance

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    Nov 17, 2016
    I use American Collectors.

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