What are you guys using for seats??

Discussion in 'Interior Restoration' started by branbell, Apr 16, 2017.

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    They are from a company in the UK called Cobra. Model is the Misano. Full Nappa leather, and real carbon fiber shell.

    Got some seat brackets from Planted, and OMP seat sliders.

    Hopefully everything clears the roll cage, otherwise I am doing some cutting and bending to button everything up.

    Cost...expensive. Over $5k CAD, plus the sliders and brackets were a few hundred more.

    Will share some pics later this spring. In the process of prepping for fresh paint, and then I'll get the seats in, with some new door panels. While I love what the previous owner did to the car (especially the drive-line), I'm trying to modernize and make it my own.

    I am quickly learning that this project can easily get out of control!!
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    I have black leather seats, front and rears from a 2005 GTO.

    Had to have the head rests reupholstered because “GTO” was embroidered in both drivers and passenger side. Had some black suede put into them as well. Rear seats sat a little too high with the head rests so I had the backs cut down about 4”.

    Took some cutting of the front floors to get them to fit nicely, drivers side was the worse because of the way the motor is mounted into the bottom, but I was in no rush. Seats are fully operational, full power, lumbar adjustable as well....also heated for what that’s worth.
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    There is a lot of good information in this thread, especially identifying stock seats from other manufacturers as well as some Racing Seat information. Thanks to all for contributing to this thread.

    For my project I am at the point of addressing a true upgrade, modifications, and restoration of my interior. I long ago replaced the totally beat and worn out seats as one of the first upgrades back in 2002 when I first bought my ’73 Camaro. At that time I upgraded to a nice set of charcoal leather Gen 4 Z/28 seats that have performed well and kept me in comfort.

    In reference to seats the issue I want to address is I need a set of seats with upper harness hole/holes for my roll cage attached upper/shoulder harness. I have dealt with the loose fitting and unsafe shoulder harness location for long enough.

    In researching and analyzing several forum threads (including this one), other web site sources, magazine articles, and vendors it appears there are many choices. However, for our cars (Gen 2s) only a few of the choices fit the standards & requirements for height, width, brackets/sliders, comfort, quality, safety, function, material, and harness acceptance/location for Gen2 Camaro Sport, Racing, Street/Strip seats.

    From my .02 worth of analysis and based on my requirements detailed below are the two viable seat choices IMO. Including an Economy/Basic & Mid-Range/Name Brand that I have identified (so far) without breaking the bank at $2000-$5000+ for a set of seats.

    1. CHEVROLET CAMARO Summit Racing® Sport Seat Combos SUM-CSUM4026, I believe these are actually Procar/Scat seats (re-boxed by Summit), $530 Pair, INCLUDES brackets, However brackets will require modification to lower seat height

    2. Corbeau LG1 Racing Seats 25501PR, Vendor Summit Racing, $800 Pair Cloth, $960 Pair Microsuede, $1250 Pair Leather. Requires seat brackets (not included). Installation link: http://www.superchevy.com/how-to/in...ll-corbeau-lg1-bucket-seats-please-be-seated/

    Based on price and application the above two selections appear to be a good examples of an Economy/Basic and Mid-Range set of Racing Seats. If there any other known issue with installation of these above examples (besides what has already been commented on, re:brackets/slider ) please provide a comment.

    * IMO if you are competent in fabrication the Summit (Procar/Scat) is an excellent deal for a pair of decent quality and comfortable Racing Seats. If you prefer name brand, require a “Plug & Play”, and don’t mind the extra $$$s the Corbeau LG1 Racing seats are an excellent choice.

    Please feel free to add any other viable seat alternatives.
    Who knows maybe this can become a long overdue Interior Restoration “Stickie” for Seats.

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    Mine are from a '91 Trans Am. I like them because you have to very little fabrication to get them in...plus the seat belt guide is already exactly where it needs to be. They cost me $FREE.99. They aren't as fancy as the Nissan or 5th Gen seats, but still a nice upgrade since the back recline is adjustable unlike stock. Front to back track adjustment is about 4 full inches further than stock.
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    Used these corbeau seats leather with suede inserts and did the back seat to match.
    DSC_0060.jpeg DSC_0062.jpeg
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    I installed 5th gen camaro front and rear seats. IMG_1776.jpg IMG_1777.jpg
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    Aug 4, 2014
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    I also went the 5th gen seat route, below is how I made my brackets.

    I finally had enough time to make my front seat brackets. The seats are from a 2014 Camaro SS. I did cut off the front hook mounts and opened up the front holes on the seat tracks to a 3/8" hole. I also removed the original centering pins on the rear of the seat tracks and replaced them with a couple of short metric bolts to hold the fwd & rev screw drive. Then I cut off the rear centering pin on the other side.

    First thing I did was make some spacers, since the floor is a bit unlevel :brightide. Spacers are made out of 1 7/8" od x 3/16" wall and cut to various sizes.
    Then I made my cross pieces. I used 3/16"t x 2"w x 18"L flat stock.

    On the flat stock I drilled some 5/16" holes mounting to the floors and the elongated those holes for adjustability. I also welded 3/8" studs to the flat stock, these are to mount the seat to.
    With both sets made, test fitting the seats was easy

    With all my adjustments made, both seats installed

    Everything clears. The motors don't hit anywhere and the adjustability of these seats is ridiculous :eek:.
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    Really nice job installing those.
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    Good job, I have a line on a pair of ZL1 seats, I think they're all the same just look a little different, my only concern is seat height compared to stock seats, sure look good though!
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