Where can I find a Torsen T-2R for GM 8.5"

Discussion in 'Transmission & Driveline Topics' started by Penix, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Penix

    Penix Veteran Member

    I'm look'n all over and I can't seem to find the damn thing. Is this some mythical creature or something?
  2. hardline_42

    hardline_42 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Any gear type differential will give you the same performance as the Torsen. I would suggest the Detroit TrueTrac if you're stuck on a worm gear LSD. Otherwise, a regular old Eaton clutch posi will be sufficient for just about every application.
  3. 80'427

    80'427 Veteran Member

    Jan 1, 2005
    Fairbury, NE, USA
    I have a tru-trac (torsen design) in the the front of my k-10 and it is seemless when driving in 4x4 but will climb a brick wall with the help of the detroit out back.
  4. SHANE 73Z

    SHANE 73Z Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Feb 26, 2002
    Meadow Lands, PA

    IIRC I bought my whole setup from Reider. They are still listed under the Zexel name on their site. They carry the whole line & can get wahtever you need.

    You mind me askin what the application is? I decided on the T-2 for my car after the difference was explained.

  5. GetMore

    GetMore Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Nov 8, 2004
    Patterson, NY
    Big Gear Head can get them, IIRC.
  6. yodaddy

    yodaddy Veteran Member

    Apr 28, 2004
    cumberland, md
  7. hardline_42

    hardline_42 Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Last time I checked they didn't have any. Also, Sam deals primarily with road racing and autocross parts for 4th gens which have a different (weaker) rear end alltogether.
  8. yodaddy

    yodaddy Veteran Member

    Apr 28, 2004
    cumberland, md
    The t2-r is primarily used in road race/ autocross situation from what ive seen. I know for a fact he sells the t2-r for the 7.5" 10-bolt. But being that hes a dealer for the torsen line I would think that he can also also get the diff for different rear ends. Its worth a call.
  9. Penix

    Penix Veteran Member

    Road race / Autocross

    My 1989 L98/700R4 (From a dual cat Formula Firebird) arrives today! I'm so pumped! I can't wait!

    The tranny is already set up for 3.27 gears, and since my 79 currently has 2.41's I'll have to swap the carrier and gears out anyhow. I figure since my ultimate goal is to race this thing I might aswell get the right carrier for what my intentions are, not just something that will work for now. So I intend to install the T-2R and 30 spline axles with 3.23 gears.

    I'll have to get ahold of Big Gear Head and see how much he can get me one for, delivered ofcourse. I'm also gonna send an email Reider Racing. The guys at Torsen told me that Reider does carry them, though they may not always have them on the shelf. So I'm gonna see how much they want for one. I'll post my findings!
  10. Penix

    Penix Veteran Member

    Just got off the phone with Reider Racing and they do have the Torsen T-2R 30-spline for GM 8.5" in stock for $600

    Well, I guess I answered my own question! :)

    No I just need to decide who's install kit to purchase.

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