Who invented the 383 SBC stroker?

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by Led Zep, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Bearing spacers were for the 388 crowd, they use a 350 crank in a 400 block as the mains on a 350 are smaller when putting a 350 crank in the 400 block. As for the 1st. 383, I read about it in a Car Craft like in very early 80's. They took a 400 crank turned down the mains to a 350 size but they also had to clearance the block for the 400 throws at the time and clearance the rods for a std. base circle cam.
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    I think Jenkins makes mention of it in the first edition of his engine book which goes back to the late 70's. He mentions of knowing about it and it probably being good for a street engine. I think that attributing it to Joe Sherman might mean more along the lines of that he was one of the first guys to really market the idea. Guys were offset grinding cranks in small blocks for decades so I am sure when the 3.75" crank came out for the small block it was out into a 350 block within a matter of months.

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