Why do Spec op handguns usually fire .45 ACP and not 9mm?

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by danbrennan, Dec 13, 2019.

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    The best firearm to have is the one you have in your hand when the fecal material hits the rotating prop. Be it a .22 short or a .500 magnum!

    Honestly, caliber doesn't matter as much as shot placement. If you don't or can't hit your target then caliber is irrelevant.

    Personally, I prefer my Para Ordnance P14 loaded with 230 grain hollow points. Said P14 has 5,000+ rounds through it (it's my IDPA and USPSA pistol) and has NEVER failed to fire. EVER! My CCW is a S&W M&P Shield in (you guessed it) .45 ACP. I also own a 19011 in 9 mm. IMHO (and others that have shot my two 1911's) full load 9 mm has a sharper recoil than my P14 with full load rounds.

    I have never owned or shot a .40 S&W firearm but until last summer I did get to shoot a Glock in .40 S&W. I put 10 rounds in a 6" diameter at 10 yards as fast as I could bring the Glock back on target. The owner of said Glock said he never got that tight a group with it!

    When the FBI went to the 10 mm back in the 1990's, I got to shoot a Colt 1911 model 80 in 10 mm. It was THEE most PAINFUL pistol I have ever fired (and that includes a Ruger 3 screw .44 magnum!). IMHO, a 10 mm is not for the feint of heart or weak hands!

    Nobody so far has mentioned .380 ACP pistols. A good friend of mine (who is a VERY knowledgeable firearms person) carries a .380 ACP auto pistol. One of his fellow workers said, "I rather use my fists than a .380". My buddy replied, "Let me shoot you with my .380 till it's empty. Then you can use your fists". Fellow employee said, "jeeze, that wouldn't be fair". Buddy said, "then I guess a .380 is better than fists!.
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    I have a rock island 10mm 1911. I LOVE how it shoots. At about 21ft, or 7 yards, I can put a group of about 3 inchs with it. If I try that with a glock 20(also in 10mm) I am lucky to do a 10 inch group. At 10 yards, mine is about like yours at 5 to 6 inchs with the 1911, glock gets even worse.
    I do like the 9mm for my fiance. She does much better with it than my 10!
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    I've never trusted the .380, sure it's better than nothing. But the choice is rarely .380 or nothing
    The .380 is basically an underpowered 9mm. Same projectile, slower speed so less kinetic energy.
    Most people consider the .38 Special to be a poor self-defense round - it also uses the same projectile as the .380/9mm

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    Lot's of stuff out there supporting the .380, lots of stuff says they suck. I've always said guns and speed parts always bring out the testosterone and people just can't help pounding their chest to trumpet their way is the only right way. Not saying that's what you're doing here just saying it's hard to take any discussion at face value. It seems everyone has an agenda and it seems everyone that presents "data" only presents data that supports their own bias.
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    Depends on who makes the .380.
    I have shot a few, albeit a long time ago, and they were vastly different. I cannot remember which manufacturers they were exactly but one was spot on and another you would be better off throwing at your attacker.

    I figure a .22 will make you the same dead as a .45.

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