Would I benefit from a Victor Jr?

Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by Americanmuscle13, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Americanmuscle13

    Americanmuscle13 Veteran Member

    Nov 20, 2003
    West Plains, MO
    I found a good deal on a used Victor Jr intake and I'm considering picking it up. Here's what I have currently:
    388 CID
    ~10.5:1 compression
    A Crane Solid Lifter flat tappet, Lift is .518 Intake, .536 exhaust. Duration 244 Intake, 252 Exhaust.
    Victor Jr 23 deg. cylinder heads
    Edelbrock Air Gap intake
    Holley 750 DP with HP main body
    1 3/4" headers

    Pro built Th350 with 3,000 stall converter
    3.90 gears with a locker

    It runs well, but I'm looking to get that last little bit of performance out of the car. From what I've been reading the Air Gap supposedly runs out of breath at 5500. Would I see enough of an improvement to go through the hassle of an intake swap?
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  2. Lowend

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    Mar 25, 1999
    San Jose, CA, USA
    You will absolutely benefit using the Vic Jr over the Performer Air-Gap with that combo. I would expect a nice thickening of the powerband over 2500RPM with no real trade off (given the cam)
    I'd recommend using the 2900 as it's already CNC port-matched from the factory

  3. CorkyE

    CorkyE Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Nov 4, 2004
    Ringgold, GA
    Do you have the Performer or RPM Air Gap? RPM is good to about 6.5K rpm and gives up a little on top end but makes up in low and mid range, where it counts most on the street. But if you're looking to get the last bit of performance, then yes, a Victor intake is in your future. With a 3K stall and 3.90 gear, you be good to go.
  4. jeff swisher

    jeff swisher Veteran Member

    Apr 26, 2018
    Did many back to back tests on a 355" with the same camshaft.. well almost the same I had mine ground using the exhaust master for intake and exhaust. so I got 252-252@ .050 and mine was the solid flat tappet and .536" lift with 1.5 rockers.. we stuck in 1.6 rockers and yes the heads were clearanced and ran 7/16 full roller rockers.
    So .571" lift then subtract .026" for the lash setting.

    10.4 compression and 1.94-1.60 valves in full ported 601 heads.
    3500 stall and 411 gears.
    First intake was the Old Iron Q jet intake with ported plenum.
    Second was Performer rpm.
    It was almost a toss up but the ported iron made just a little more grunt. Could have been the spacers.
    Spacers were also tried on the RPM intake the carb used was 800 double pumper.

    Next intake was the old victor jr. it was not on for very long .. a lot of timing and jet changes were tried and the Jr was pulled off and quickly sold for $20.
    Was a putz until 4500 rpm and then did not have the power up stairs at all.
    Next up was the old 300-25 strip dominator intake from the 1990's it made more power everywhere and stayed on for a couple weeks as my buddy just loved the power and look.
    He wanted even more "Looks" so he got the Hurricane intake and installed the rear cooling lines.

    He said it was slightly down on power vs the 300-25 but barely and he liked the looks of the Hurricane much better.

    It was in a 3000 lb stepside chevy truck with Dirt track hoosiers and 411 gears and full spool it went 11.50's
    Short shifting it at 7000 rpm.
    The cam would run way past that but best et was at 7000 rpm shifts.

    I have not liked the JR intake much .. they made a victor 4x4 that a buddy had on a circle track car.
    Much taller plenum.. it worked for his car very well.

    he ran a Herbert solid 235-245@ .050 on a 108 LSA .500" lift on both sides.

    If i were in your shoes I would go with the hurricane or 300-25..I heard the newer 300-25 is not the same as the old ones.. you may need to research that.

    But when I want max power from builds like these I reach for the Tall dual 4 barrel tunnel-rams.
    My 385" made 53HP more with the tunnel-ram vs the RPM intake and that was right out of the box 53 HP and even more past the peak HP area.

    But that requires no hood or hole in hood most of the time..Luckily mine fit under the hood.
    1947 dodge truck very tall hood.
  5. 1980RS

    1980RS Veteran Member

    Jun 17, 2006
    Way back in the late 80's I had a 350 in a my old LeMans which had an LT1 intake on it, it was alright. I bought a Vic Jr. and it made power everywhere. It was better than the dual plane IMO. I have used like Jeff said both the 300-35 Holley and the Hurricane and the 300-35 is slightly better. The one to get is a Super Victor intake, that intake makes crazy torque and if you port the plenum area it's even better. I just took off my Air Gap on my 461 and switched to a Generic Eddy single plane intake, we will see what change it makes.
  6. muscl car

    muscl car Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    A Holley Strip Dominator will make more hp/tq #'s than a Victor Jr !!

    I'm running a Vintage Holley Strip Dominator date coded 12-9-75 and also a GM Winters Foundry Snowflake . It runs very well on by 11.1:1 sbc with a 257/269 @ .050 cam
  7. 1980RS

    1980RS Veteran Member

    Jun 17, 2006
    muscl car is right about the 300-25 making more power than the Vic Jr. All I can say is that after porting the Super Victor my 406 had so much tq. I had to take timing out of the engine to get the car to hook. Was kind of surprised by that. The 9" tires did not work well in that application.
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  8. Americanmuscle13

    Americanmuscle13 Veteran Member

    Nov 20, 2003
    West Plains, MO
    I have an RPM Air Gap. I've been told I'll lose on the bottom end but if it's below 3000 RPM I'm not sure it matters.
  9. 1980RS

    1980RS Veteran Member

    Jun 17, 2006
    The Air Gap does loose some low end tq. to the RPM Performer and if I remember correctly it has something to do with the little cutout at the top of the plenum. In the 70's we used to use the factory Z/28 intakes, we would cut the divider on the intake down to 1" from the bottom of the intake plenum then add a 1 " spacer, worked pretty good. You could buzz those LT1's to 7500 with that setup. Another thing to think about is using a 1/2" spacer with a divider on a single plane intake. Helps with low end tq.
  10. dave@ztech

    dave@ztech Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Mar 27, 2016
    check out this old engine masters on the advantage of single plane vs duel

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