XLR Owner Gets Locked In His Car

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    I liked "it was too steamy in the car from the heat and moisture from his screaming inside.":)


    Peter Pyros of Cleveland, Ohio decided to take his rarely driven 2006 Cadillac XLR for a short drive to prep it before winter set in.

    Unfortunately, when Pyros got in the car, and shut the door, the door locked, but the key fob battery was dead and wouldn’t unlock the door.

    For nearly 14 hours, Pyros struggled to stay alive in the car in the 70 degree plus weather, passing out a couple times, but coming to only to continue struggling to get out of the car.

    Punching and kicking the windows out didn’t work. Luckily, a next door neighbor heard him pounding on the car, jumped the fence and called 911. The emergency personnel tried several times to open the doors, but failed. They finally popped the hood and jumped the car, thus freeing Pyros from his prison.

    “It was the most horrifying experience you can imagine,” he said Monday in a phone interview with The Washington Post. “I accepted, at some point, that this is how I’m going to die.”

    GM issued a statement Monday stating that “any vehicle or key fob can lose power” and “that risk can increase as the vehicle ages.”

    “Manufacturers provide a way to manually unlock the doors if the vehicle or fob loses power,” it said. “Because this varies by make and model, drivers should review the Door Lock section of their owner’s manual so they will know what to do.”

    “In the case of the XLR, there is a door release handle located on the floor, next to each seat.”

    Pyros said that he wasn’t aware there was an emergency release lever on the floor, and even if he had read the owner’s manual, it was too steamy in the car from the heat and moisture from his screaming inside.
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    it's like a c6 corvette, literally a big handle by the seat, that I am pretty sure has glow in the dark writing on it to show what it is for!
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    It wasn't steamy in the car when he got in and realized that he the key fob didn't work. Instead of screaming he should have been reading.

    2 minutes, spent at the time he realized his predicament, would have saved him 14 hours of pain, suffering and pondering death.
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    this is the release, like how do you not know that is right there?

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    That is one dirty Caddy...
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    Some people are too stupid
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    Both my current Cadillac Escalade and the 5 series BMW I swapped for it wouldn't let you open the doors if the lock button is engaged. That's one of those "features" car companies tend to put in cars.
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    I worked at GM and Hyundai for 25 years, there are a lot of stupid people out there that never see how stuff works on their new car or truck. Just pathetic.
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    why is the door unlock on the floor again? funny they would put it there? wonder what genious thought that one up?

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