Second Generation Camaro Owners Group
Site & Group Credits

I started my love affair with the Camaro 21 years ago. In 1996 I decided to turn my hobby into some sort of Camaro place for us Second Generation Camaro fanatics. What you see is the result of 5 years of hard work, late nights and a liberal amount of cash expense. Obviously, with a place this large and active, no one person alone can "make things happen".

So who makes (or made) things happen?

Outside of myself (MadMike - Site & club owner, helmsman, design, development, maintenance & bill payer) we have -

My wife - Laura, for putting up with me & my passion (or curse?).
Our 3 boys, Kyle, Danny & Trey, who will hopefully one day enjoy daddys cars as much as he does.

My Mom & Dad - for being there for my family.

Nick Grynkewich - My best friend. Without him to lean on, I'd have gone completely nuts several times over.

Andrew Mattei - for partnering up with me in 1996 and accidentally helping to grow our Camaro hobby into a pretty decent thing.

Rod Stallings - for providing the spark and suggesting I also use my Camaro site to start a group specifically for other Second Generation Camaro owners. The solution was to buy and install the message board.

Art Rasmussen - for being the 1st person to offer financial support to the club, in addition to his excellent chassis skills.

Wes & Gary Stegmiller - The creator of the Second Generation Camaro site. Unknown to me, his site appeared on the net a couple months before my site. When Wes decided to focus on other things in life or take a break from his site, I hosted it under my domain.

Joel Rosen - "Mr. Motion", the MOTION in Motion Performance. My benefactor. More of a friend than my boss.

Camaro information:
Orlando, Claude Q, Mike & Chip Dyer, Mark Rogers... the list goes on.

Message Board Admins & Moderators.
MikeM79, Pat, Wayne, Bob, Brett, Jesper, Eric, Mike D. Joy, Marv Davis, Shane, Paul, Dino, etc...
It's a thankless job. They allow me to take a break and help keep the message board running smoothly.

Publishing assistance: Matt (lammy) - took the initiative and produced business cards and is working on the club calendar. In addition to this he bends over backwards trying to coordinate club events in New England.

Events & Car Show Coordination
Gary Zemba (head of the North East Ohio Camaro Club). He's into the show scene and pays attention to what's happening.

Frank & Sue Abbruzzi for their efforts at setting up club events in Pennsylvania.

T-Shirts: Randy Boyette (design) & Janice (the "t-shirt lady") @ High Cotton.

Chat - CoryM set up, runs and maintains this function. This is a job in itself and is appriciated by many people.

General Graphics:
Jarrid Roulet, Bill Bobos, Earl (c-man) and others. Some graphics get used, some are on file for future use. All submissions are greatly appriciated either way. Bills header graphics are on the main page of the site and in the restoration guide. Earl took on the photo gallery which is a job in itself.

Photo Gallery - Earl Voss, the "album master" - set up, runs and maintains this function. This as well is a job in itself and is appriciated by many people.

Our sponsors & advertisers. Past, present & future - for seeing their support as a mutually beneficial partnership.

Countless emails from people (over 2500 unsolicited thank you's). The thousands of sites & people who find the site worthwhile enough to link to us.

And last but not least, EVERY MEMBER who participates in the club, which makes it a special place. including those who've offered assistance or help with the above and remain unnamed. This means - YOU. And every single person associated with the group.

I've had the opportunity to travel around and I am continuously astounded, greatful and thankful for the people who are associated with this group. Not only for their knowledge, but their comradary, generocity and friendship.