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Swapmeet Disclaimer

The purpose of this page is not just to be used as a disclaimer, but also to he a helpful guide in helping you shop online. THIS IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING IN ANY WAY. THESE ARE ONLY OFFERED AS GENERAL SUGGESTIONS.

Caveat Emptor. Buyer (and seller) beware!...

The group swapmeet can be found here.
While we've been fortunant enough to not have many problems, unfortunantly a few people have, and it was time to identify this issue and say something about it. It is not too difficult for someone to register to post, post some stuff, take your money and disappear. It's happened a couple times.

The Burnlist:
Suggested by several people, will be a project in itself... a list of people who've intentionally screwed, ripped off, jerked around, or otherwise caused grief to either a buyer or seller while using the 2nd gen group.

Online Selling/Buying Suggestions, tips, info, etc...
Know who you're buying from or selling to. If possible, check references (other members). Check length of time someone's been online with the group. This obviously may penalize honest new people who wish to get involved and sell or buy items.... so it's up to you to use your judgement about who you're dealing with. Gauge the persons honesty from their response to email, or if you wish, call the person before buying the parts.

Possible safe seller/buyer project: Escrowing a transaction.

This is not legal advice. Fraud is against the law. Anything that crosses state lines becomes a federal problem, with federal authorities involved. Using the US Postal Service to defraud someone means the US Post Office gets involved. If you've been screwed, you may pursue any of these options. (to be listed later)

If you are thinking of screwing someone - be advised the pentalty for doing this is pretty stiff. And finding you physically isn't very difficult. Nobody will come and break your legs, but after you get out of prison, you'll wish that was all that happened to you. Not only does the group take this issue seriously, but the authorities do as well.

Last updated: 2/16/2000
Author: MadMike Maciolek
Email: [email protected]

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