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Note: Below is a general progression of how things have unfolded on the site over time. Not every modification to the site has been identified.

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10/08/2003: Message Board hits 10,000 members.

10/01/2003: With a new found burst of energy I'm back to actively writing the "Camaro Restoration Guide", specifically for 2nd gens. This will be the main point for all the sites Camaro information, tying together the camaro stats, FAQ, information from the message board, and my old parts/how-to area, along with newly written information and photos.

6/10/2003: Tragedy - turns into a Miracle. 2 days before we're to leave for Camaros at Carlisle, my whole family is nearly killed in a head on collision with a truck. While in the ER with my wife & 2 other children, I had just gotten the word that my other son Dan (who was life flighted to a trauma center in Atlanta) was still alive. I told my dad - "please tell my friends I won't be able to attend Carlisle". My dad posted a notice and our community pulled together. The response and support overwealmed my family, and touched many other people as well. I was able to post updates from the trauma center, including the "miracles can happen" post.

Lessons learned: Wear your seatbelt. Don't take anything for granted. Let your loved ones know you love them.

11/25/2002: The main page has been rewritten to better state what information is available and where to find it. The primary graphic now randomly displays various members cars.

7/3/2002: Happy Birthday America!!! - Replaced the old chatroom with a more functional chatroom set up by CoryM. Simply click the link, plug in your message board ID as your nickname and it should connect you automatically.

4/30/2002: Replaced the old Photo Gallery & Featured cars with a more elaborate photo gallery maintained by Earl Voss.

Feb 25, 2002 - 5000 members

7/3/2001: I've been told you can spend weeks (months actually) checking out all the information available on the site. I'm splitting the various sections up to not only make them look pretty, but make finding information easier. This is an ongoing project (aka "under construction"). A lot of the technical information is being merged into this section from my old parts section.

7/3/2001: The main page was redesigned to help you find things easier. It should also look nicer when done. This is a work in progress as the club page absorbs information from the various other sections of information I have. I'm trying to roll it all into "the club".

May 2001: - Prominently mentioned in "Super Chevy" Magazine.

April 16, 2001 - 2500 members

March 2001 - Club t-shirt designed and offered for sale.

1/15/2001: The main page was rewritten to help you find things easier.

December 2000: Wes Stegmiller, the owner of one of the other premier 2nd Gen Camaro sites tells me he's thinking of closing down his site so he can focus on important things. Having just crossed that bridge myself a couple months earlier, I knew what he meant. Rather than let him shut his site down, I tell him to park it under nastyz28.com thereby preserving it.

October 2000 - Crossroads. The "S" falls off my chest and I finally realize I can't do everything. I decide it's best to stop the "car parts" biz and focus on my family and my own personal vehicles.

I quit selling parts when Moementum Camaro agrees to provide discounted parts to everyone (including me). I turn my half-ass North Georgia Classic Camaro "parts catalog" into the layout for the Camaro Restoration Guide and begin removing all references to the fact that I used to sell all sorts of stuff.

I finally realize the Owners Group is becoming a full blown club, and since I started it and am already at the helm I felt obligated to try and steer my activities toward running the place like one.

Photo: Bill Spivey, 1977 Z28

Group Discount Information

6/29/2000: In Partnership with Jim Pace, the #1 GM Performance Parts authorized center in the United States, we now have an account set up for us to assist us in saving money on purchases. It's the "MadMike" account. This account applies to most parts: Performance, Restoration, General Service Items, or whatever is floating in the GM inventory system that you may need. Please note: Pace already sells a lot of the GM Performance Parts at a severe discount. The "madmike" account typically will not drop the price on these parts. It typically clobbers the heck out of regular GM items.

Jim Pace also carries a full line of aftermarket speed & Restoration equipment, including - Edelbrock Performance, Demon Carburetion, BG Fuel Systems, Master Nitrous Works Distributor, Hughes Transmissions & Converters, Hedman Headers, K&N, TD Performance, Painless Wiring Products, Lokar Cables & Brackets, Fluidamper, Moroso, ARP, Proform and Goodmark Restoration Sheetmetal

The MadMike discount applies to these items as well and is typically "pretty decent". (understatement)

You may call them at (888)-748-4655, or send them an email. Mention the "MadMike" account and the purchase is typically discounted.

Specific "package deals" which will directly benefit 2nd Gen Camaro owners are being created - details will follow shortly.
While this account is set up with us in mind, anyone is free to use the account (Vette, Chevelle, Nova owners - you-who....)

2/29/2000: Added Chris Rinehart's mid 10 second street machine as a feature.

2/16/2000: Updated title page to be more descriptive. Highlighting major features of the group. Added LayZ's Camaro Desktop Themes. Swapmeet Disclaimer. Special Projects and features page. Adding a new feature car/tech project, hopefully made Patgizz's featured Camaro pages more noticable, offloaded old site news to new page. Added a photo depiction of BobR's trunk being replaced.

1/6/2000: Let's surprise the editor this morning. Thanks to lowend, we can say "Hello" to all the folks who've popped on in due to our being mentioned in "Car Craft" Magazine. We can also thank lowend for the speed at which the below mentioned updates are getting done now. (Look! The emperor has no cloths!)

1/3/2000: Happy New Year! It's time to give this place a face lift and update some of the items we've been wanting to add.

As the site grows, I got thrown off Geocities, then thrown out of Hypermart and finally, thrown off a fairly large, but unstable hosting service. Open up wallet and move to a virtual server. At this time, all the previous portions of the site are consolidated onto the one location. North Georgia Classic Camaro (parts) and the Owners group are still 2 separate entities. I still can't believe I've started a "camaro car club".

8/28/99: Some new ideas and pending updates.... specifics to follow
Member pages updated and current
More tech articles
Member product reviews
Member discounts on products, save up to "50%" off retail prices on NEW parts
Updated member links list
New & Improved "Chat" list, info extracted from message board

8/24/99: Patgizz is the "Featured Camaros" Editor. Please send your pictures and car write ups to him, and he'll post them up. I need to rewrite the CGI program that currently signs up people to automatically forward to horsepower so he can keep the member lists updated.

7/7/99: Horsepower has greatly taken on the task of updating the membership files. I also added a page containing "chat" information, so people can chat in real time with other folks. I'm going to work on the "Featured Camaro's" section this week, then hopefully get back into writing some of the restoration articles.

3/23/99: I'm restoring/rebuilding 3 street cars at the moment. (BTW: I don't do this for a living). I'm trying to write some articles along the way. I apologize for the halfa$$ed appearance of some articles that aren't done yet, but I find this way easy to work on the article. In addition, I'm getting some help from some folks on some tech articles, and I/we appriciate it. I/we also appriciate all the folks hanging out on the message board. This will (and is) offload a lot of the email I usually get (about 10 emails a day looking for advice).

3/19/99: "Help Wanted". $0/hour. Start immediately. Inquire within.
I could use a hand in updating some items.

  • Mainly the FAQ which I haven't touched in months. There's some boo-boo's in there, and I'm sure a lot more information can be tossed into the FAQ.

  • Looking for some good restoration or performance tech articles.

  • I'd like to feature some more cars. If you'd like to be featured, write up your spec's, email (or snail mail) me some photos and you'll get a feature page. If you don't want to wait on Super Chevy, Hot Rod or Car Craft to get some press, get your info to me.

  • Any graphic artists out there, or any graphic artist wannabe's? Email me for details

  • Finally, pop on over to the message board and hang out & contribute if you can.

I think the combination of this newsletter & the message board go a long way towards fullfilling Rod's goal "to be a source of information exchange and possibly a parts finder and swap", for Second Generation Camaro Owners.

Feb 1999 - Now that I'm on a host that allows fancy functions (CGI), I created the message board.

December 1998 - My site draws too much attention, it's no longer a "personal webpage". My ISP wants to consider me a commercial site and charge me accordingly. A new host is found, NASTYZ28.COM is registered. I split my "car parts" (North Georgia Classic Camaro) stuff out and leave my personal Camaro information on my ISP's site.
Away we go....

August 20, 1997 - MadMike finally gets sick of all (5 of) the 4th Gen Camaro sites. Typically, any Camaro information heavily favors the 1st gen and the newer models and leaves out the Second Generation era. He decides to play around with web-page coding & starts a personal camaro site to showcase his 1980 Z28, distribute technical info on the Second Generation Camaro and to peddle some spare car parts he had aquired.

This site is created by a Second Generation Camaro owner - for Second Generation Camaro owners. Yes, I like all Camaros but I'm not going to run out and trade my 80Z in on a 1996 Z28 and get all trendy.

Last updated: 11/25/2002
Author: MadMike Maciolek
Email: [email protected]

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