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I'm selling selected parts. I've laid this page out like a virtual swapmeet. Feel free to browse around and email me if you have any questions or are interested in anything you see.
Occasionally, I'll load all this stuff up and actually haul it to Super Chevy or a local swap meet.

Virtual swapmeet & Parts Inventory

Speed Equipment - High Performance engine goodies

Mallory Promaster Coil
Mallory Promaster
coil - new
Mallory HyFire p/n 29029
Mallory Hyfire
Holley SBC 80GPH Fuel Pump
Holley Feul Pump
80GPH - $25

Interior Parts - Dash, interior trim, console, headliner, door panels

130 MPH Speedometer (pre-75, non-metric) & fuel guage
130 MPH Speedometer
(pre-75, non-metric)
& fuel guage
Asking $60
Fuel Gauge - full size, excellent condition
Fuel Gauge - full size
excellent condition
Fuel Gauge, full size, 1971
Fuel Gauge
full size, 1971
Good condition
Asking $40
Interior door handles
door handles
both styles
Firewall carpet guards
carpet guards
Good condition
Remote Mirror adjusting knob bezel & clip.
Remote Mirror
bezel & clip.
Good condition
1971 Standard Steering Wheel Shroud
1971 Standard Steering
Wheel Shroud
good condition
rear view
Horn caps - dark blue, Gray, black
Horn caps
various colors
Good condition
Berlinetta - Horn cap insert
Horn cap insert
Good condition
A-Pillar covers.
A-Pillar covers
1974 - 81
various colors
1970 - 73 Right hand A-pillar cover (black)
1970 - 73 Right hand
A-pillar cover (black)
Good condition
Various ashtrays
various colors

various years
1971 and 1972 seatback trim
seat trim
1971 & 72
Good condition
Seat bottom trim
Seat Trim
1973 - 81
various colors
Speaker brackets
Speaker bracket
Turn signal cancelling cam
Turn signal cam

Headliner Trim - 1973 - 81, various colors
Headliner Trim
1973 - 81
various colors
seatbelt retractor covers
belt covers
74 - 81
various colors

Inner door handles (70 - 74)
Inner door handles (75 - 81)
Kick panels
Upper door panel trim - "as is" or refurbed (dyed black with new weatherstrip)
Lower door panel trim (72 - 77)
Lower door panel arm rests (72 - 77)
Wire channel/rocker covers

Accelerator pedal assembly - refurbed
Brake Pedal (automatic trans) Assembly - refurbed
Parking brake pedal assembly - refurbed

Exterior Parts - sheet metal, emblems, chrome trim, bumper brackets, spoilers
1973 Standard bumper nerf bars
Rear Spoiler ends - 1974 - 81 (1 set good, 1 set fair)
Rear Spoiler hardware 1970-71 (1 piece style) - $11
Left hand fender (1970 - 77), new, repro
Misc Steel patches (roof/windshield & A pillars, etc...)
Door/window tracks, channels, misc
Door hardware
misc stuff
Door hinges
Window regulators - drivers side only. Standard interior style - Reg1 | Reg2 | Reg3
door handle gaskets
Bullet (sport) mirrors
1970 - 73 Fuel tank straps - refurbed
Front bumper guards (1970 - 73)
Firewall Cowl screen

Headlight mounting buckets & components - refurbed assemblies or as parts
1970 - 73 Assembled headlight housing assemblies
1970 - 73 Standard parking light assemblies
1974 - 77 Headlight mounting buckets
1974 - 1977 Rear tail light assemblies
1974 - 77 license lamp assemblies
1978 - 81 Rear tail light assemblies

Front end structure

Core support brackets
1970 - 73
inner wheel well support bracket
1970 - 74

License plate brackets (rear)
license plate
Good condition
Core support braces & bumper reinforcement bars - 1974+
Front bumper - 1974 - 77 (no impact strip)
Fender braces
1974 - 77 bumper filler gaskets

Trunk lock assemblies

Weatherstrip & Chrome Molding

side glass sealing weatherstrip
Side glass w/s
like new
B-pillar molding

1 Left hand, OUTER sideglass sealing weatherstrip. for cars with Z21 option (or no chrome desired) (this is simply a rubber squeegie). NEW GM. $40
1 RIGHT HAND, outer side glass sealing weatherstrip. For cars with Z21. brand/source unknown $20
1 LEFT HAND outer side glass sealing weatherstrip, for cars WITHOUT Z21. 1980 to 1981 style. (this has a chrome bead on it) brand/source unknown. $35
Side glass sealing weatherstrip (new GM & Reproduction)
Another view of the weatherstrip.
Chrome Molding
Door edge molding. New GM, in the bag. Part # 3974595. LEFT HAND ONLY. This part is discontinued. $40. I don't have the right hand piece.
Z21 Style trim/belt molding
Rocker Panel Molding - used, with mounting brackets & Hardware
RH Rear Chrome Reveal Molding (1975+)
350 emblems - fair condition. $25 delivered
Camaro Script Emblems
Passenger windows
Rear windows (1970 - 1981)

Engine Parts - fuel system, exhaust, pulleys, brackets, emissions stuff
AC compressor header bracket
AC bracket
AC compressor header bracket
AC Bracket
1972 - 81 V8 Engine Mounting brackets
engine mounts

Oil filter relocater kit. TD # 691120. New in box. $40
waterpumps (1977+), new, painted black
Various pulleys - inquire
Various brackets - inquire
Alternator mounting bracket set (SBC)
Air conditioning compressor mounting brackets
V8 Motor Mounts (clam shell style)
Chrome push in valve cover breather
Stock exhaust manifolds
Fan Shrouds. Small block chevy.
Clutch Fans
Radiator mounting covers - refurbed
radiator overflow bottle
Charcoal Canisters, various years
Charcoal Canisters
various years
Q-Jet carburetors
2bbl carb

Transmission Parts - transmission stuff
Steering column lock linkages - refurbed
TH350 Torque Converter cover (new GM/plastic)
Manual transmission/misc parts
Shift forks
bellhousing dust shield

Shifter installation hardware
Automatic shifter - refurbed w/new handle
Automatic Shifters/Components
Shifter cables

Suspension & Chassis Parts
Steering Gear Covers
Steering Gear
cover - $10
Power steering pump brackets - small block chevy
Steering shafts
Pump reservoir caps


Various sets of Spindles
various years
Swaybar brackets, various styles
Swaybar brackets
various years
front & rear
Rear Axle Snubbers (74 - 81)
Rear Axle
Urethane spring bushings & swaybar upper bushings
Urethane Spring
urethane swaybar end link kit
Subframe/Lower Control arm stiffening brace - $25
Upper Control Arms

Brakes & Rear Axle - Brakes & Rear Axle stuff
Rear axle
Axle Shafts (stock)
Rear axle backing plates
Rear axle spider gears, carriers (2 series)
Axle Yoke (large style)

disc brake dust shields
Brake backing plates
Misc parking brake hardware
Brake brackets
Master cylinders
Proportioning valves

N90 Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts - $30 for all
5 spoke Wheel caps (fair condition) - $10/each
Polycast Wheel caps (fair condition) - $10/each

Electrical & Ignition - Electrical related, ignition, Air Conditioning, wipers...
81 Tail light harness
Tailight wiring
Wiper transmission linkage - standard & hidden style
Wiper Arms - standard (chrome)
Wiper bottles

1973 Dash harness
1978 Forward light Harness
1978 Rear Light Harness
Misc pigtails (fuel tank sending unit, dome light) & partial assemblies (headlight connectors, tail light sockets)

Misc A/C spare parts

Blower Motor Fans
Blower Fans
A/C & Non-AC
A/C ducting & outlets
Evaporator cores

Ignition System

coil bracket with radio capacitor
coil bracket
1972 - $15
HEI Distributors
Points type Distributors
Coil bracket w/radio capacitor

3rd Generation F-Body parts - 3rd gen stuff
1984 LH Rear tail lamp assembly. Another view. Nice shape - $25
1986 Shop Manual
1982 - 1992 Haynes manual
Dash/Instrument housing

IROC Air Deflector/Air Dam
IROC Rear bumper cover
Rear Spoilers (3rd gen, standard & IROC)
IROC & Standard ground effects
1986 IROC Passenger Door (medium blue)
Rear view mirror (3rd gen, 1987)
Washer jars
Rear hatch assemblies (3rd gen)
Stock exhaust manifolds w/AIR injection pipes
leather parking brake handle.
leather shifter ball handle (automatic)
leather Z28 horn cap
IROC & Z28 Rocker emblems
Clutch/Brake pedal assembly (3rd Gen, 1986)

Miscellaneous Parts - automotive test equipment, non-camaro stuff
Sears Craftsman tach/dwell meter
Good condition

Chrome guage bezels guages included. $10
autometer trans temp guage (new) & Summit vacuum gauge (used).
Oil filter relocating kit (new) $20
1974 Chevelle Malibu Grill. View1 | View2 | View3

Suburban, Towing & Truck Parts - Truck stuff
MSD Blaster coil
MSD Blaster
Coil - $25
1990 Suburban Running boards - new
Air deflector (1999) w/o tow hook option
Walk-In tent for Chevy Van. (Green) - attaches to the side of the van.

Cavalier Parts - Cavalier stuff
1990 Shop Manual set

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