MadMike's 1999 Astro (RIP) - Saved our Lives

Our 1999 Astro

EVERYONE involved in this accident survived. Thanks in part to seatbelts, airbags, luck & divine intervention.

I initially posted this page to explain why I was on hiatus from my daily duties with our car club and why I wasn't able to make it to Carlisle (PA). Now my objective is to reinforce why you should wear your seat belts, and to appriciate what you have in life.

Our family today (or recently). Myself, Trey, Dan, Laura & Kyle

While we still and always will suffer from our injuries, we're all alive and thankful. Every time we want to complain about hurting or being disfigured - you immediately think "it could have been worse". I still get to hug Dan good-night. Laura can now walk. Kyle can still see. We're all very fortunant.

Original start of page
I haven't been around much since June 10th and some folks have noticed people are concerned for my family. Here's why.
Before we go any further let me just say my whole family was in the van and we all survived.

Newspaper report Aftermath
Left - Newspaper report. Front page news. Right - Aftermath. (click to view full size)
Page two of newspaper report.
Partial Narrative
Police dispatch

passenger side of astro passenger side of astro passenger side of astro

Places instrumental in saving Dans life
Emory Flight
Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta

Photo Gallery
Accident Scene/Investigation photos

Photos of van at wrecking yard
I (Chevy Astro) didn't burn. The other guy (Ford F350) did. Both our (me & laura) airbags deployed. The van folded up and took the majority of the impact rather than letting us take it.

Other useless commentary:
I can't help but notice the amount of vehicles made by "F" which explode when they hit things.
As far as insurance... I figured I'd not be the one out slamming into people, so I didn't bet against myself. I had normal liability and low "uninsured motorist". Unfortuantly. Read "uninsured" to also mean UNDERinsured motorists. Since my policy matched the hitters insurance, mine didn't kick into effect.

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