1980 & 81 Z28 Exterior Interior Trim & Stripe Combination

1980 and 1981 were essentially the same, except Green was offered in 1980, and replaced by Dark Gold in 1981.

Note: (x) = N90 optional wheel color: (S) = 14P Silver, (B) = 19P Black, (G) = 57P Gold.
Standard wheels are painted body color.
1980 Stripe Color Code (A):
12A = Silver, 18A = Charcoal, 26A = Blue, 42A = Green, 55A = Gold, 74A = Red, 78A = Orange

1981 Stripe Color Code
Silver Charcoal Blue Dark Gold Gold Red Orange

Example: A white (code 11) Z28 with a Camel Tan interior will have Gold stripes and if the N90 optional wheels are ordered, they'll be gold accented. If the standard steel wheel was ordered, it would be white.

                                                                                     Interior Trim Color (1980)

Exterior Color (code) Black Dark Blue Camel Tan Carmine Oyster
White (11) Charcoal (S) Blue (S) Gold (G) Red (B) Charcoal (S)
Silver Metalic (15) Charcoal (B) Blue (S)   Red (S) Charcoal (S)
Black (19) Silver (B) Blue (B) Gold (G) Red (B) Silver (S)
Brt. Blue Met (24) Blue (S) Blue (S)     Blue (S)
Dk. Blue Met (29) Silver (S) Blue (S) Gold (G) Red (S) Silver (S)
Lime Green Met. (40) Green (B)       Green (B)
Brt. Yellow (51) Orange (B)   Gold (G)   Orange (B)
Gold Met (57) Gold (G)   Gold (G) Gold (G)  
Dk. Brown Met. (67) Gold (G)   Gold (G)   Silver (S)
Red (72) Silver (B)   Gold (G) Orange (S) Silver (S)
Dk. Claret Met. (76) Silver (S)   Gold (G) Red (B) Silver (S)
Red Orange (79) Orange (G)   Orange (G)   Orange (B)
Bronze Met (80) Orange (G)   Gold (G)   Orange (B)
Charcoal Met. (84) Silver (B)   Gold (B) Red (S) Silver (S)

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