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1970 Camaro Production: 12,578 6-cyl, 112,323 V8, 124,901 total.
Dealer Introduction: 2/26/70

Vehicle Identification Example: 123870N500001

  • First digit is GM Division: 1 = Chevrolet
  • Digits 2&3 are model series: 23 = 6-cyl, 24 = 8-cyl Camaro
  • Digits 4&5 are body type: 87 = 2dr. coupe
  • Sixth digit is model year: 0 = 1970
  • Seventh digit is N for Norwood assembly, L for Van Nuys.
  • Last six digits increased one with each car built at each plant, sequence started at 500001.
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    Length: 188.0"Height: 50.1" Width: 74.4"Wheelbase: 108.0"

    Curb Weight: (in pounds, see: 1970 Option weight table)
    12387 - 3166
    12487 - 3278

    1970 Ending VIN by Month
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
    Norwood: 504136 511650 520821 534781 553164 573319 592248
    Van Nuys: 502995 508210 514067 519778 524858 529852 532651
    Model year started late.

    1970 Camaro Spotters Guide & New Features

    Click to view full size 1970 saw the introduction of the all new Second Generation Camaro. The 1st generation Camaro (1967 - 1969) was seen as a hasty response to the Ford Mustang. It was considered a compromise by some critics. There would be no compromises with this car. Due to production delays the 1970 Camaro was introduced in February 1970, half way into the production year. Because of this, some people will call the 1970 Camaro a 1970 1/2, but officially the car is a 1970 model year Camaro. Good things come to those who wait, and this car was met with rave reviews from nearly everyone. Chevrolet had a winner that would run for 12 years.

    The 1970 Camaro was all new. It was longer (2.0"), lower (1.1") and wider (0.4") than the previous Camaro but still had a 108" wheelbase. It had a wider track (1.7" front, 0.5" rear). It's doors were longer (by 8") and the roof was moved back giving the car a sleek long hood, short rear deck which typifyed the pony-car. The convertible body style was no longer available. The windshield was swept back increasing visibility by 10% along with hiding the radio antenna within it (depending on radio choice). The rear view mirror was bonded to the windshield, no longer hung off the roof trim. The front subframe was redesigned to improve the structural integrity of the car. Efforts were made to eliminate road noise by strategically insulating various points on the car. The interior of the car was completely redesigned with a new dashboard, console & other interior trim.

    The Camaro was also available with a distinctive appearance package called the Rally Sport (RPO Z22) option. Unlike the previous years hidden headlights, the RS package included a distinctive nose & bumper treatment, round front parking lights, hidden wipers and other trim. The Rally Sport package could be added to any model Camaro and when combined with the SS option became a RS/SS or when combined with the Z28 it became a RS/Z28.
    Further details on the Rally Sport can be found here.

    The "Super Sport" (RPO Z27) package was continued. This model offered stylish performance, and was the only way to obtain the 396 Big Block Chevy engine (actually displaced 402 cubic inches).
    Complete information on the Super Sport can be found here.

    The "Z28 Special Performance Package" (RPO Z28) was not only positioned as the top Camaro performer, but it put its money where its mouth was. Designed to race in the SCCA Trans Am Series, the 1970 rules changes allowing for the 5.7L engine meant the Camaro was able to now use the 350 engine. The previous Z28's were limited to 302 cubic inches and were known to be tempermental on the street. The bigger engine also allowed an automatic transmission to be used in the Z28 for the 1st time. Due to the solid lifter, high revving cam, Air Conditioning was still not available on the Z28. With a stout drivetrain, including a mandatory 12 bolt rear axle, and a tuned suspension, the Z28 was a match for anything found on the street, or at the track.
    Complete information on the 1970 Z28 can be found here.

    While 1970 is the 1st year of the Second Generation Camaro, it is also seen as the last of the high compression, solid-lifter cam, low geared ground pounding muscle cars. While the 1970 Camaro was being introduced, the muscle car market was disappearing, or at least changing. Among the other changes, highlights & distinguishing features for 1970 were....

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    Click here to view [ 1970 Sales Brochure | Marketing Photo | Front 1/4 Side view ]
    Click here for Second Generation Camaro Spotters Guide & Summary of Yearly Changes

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    1970 Camaro Engine & Drivetrain Info
    CIDConfigBore & StrokeBHP @ RPMTorque @ rpmCompCarb.
    Base 250 L-6 3.875 x 3.53155 @ 4200 235 @ 1600 8.5:1 1V
    Base 307 V-8 3.875 x 3.25200 @ 4600 300 @ 2400 9.0:1 2V
    L-65350 V-8 4.00 x 3.48250 @ 4800 345 @ 2800 9.0:1 2V
    L-48350 V-8 4.00 x 3.48300 @ 4800 380 @ 3200 10.25:1 4V
    Z-28350 V-8 4.00 x 3.48360 @ 6000 380 @ 4000 11.011 4V
    L-34396 V-8 4.126 x 3.76350 @ 5200415 @ 3400 10.25:1 4V
    L-78396 V-8 4.126 x 3.76375 @ 5600415 @ 3600 11.0:1 4V
    LS-6454 V-8 4.251 x 4.00450 @ 4600 500 @ 3600 11.25:1 4V

    Note: Actual displacement of L-34 and L-78 "396" V-8's is 402 cid. LS6 engine never made it to production.

    Engine Suffix Codes
    CCG: 250ci, mt CKN: 396ci, at, hp CNK: 350ci, pg, 300hp/SS
    CCH: 250ci, ex, pg CKO: 396ci, mt, sp CNM: 350ci, pg, tb
    CCI: 250ci, mt CKR: 396ci, mt CNN: 350ci, at, tb
    CCJ: 250ci, ex CTC: 350ci, at, z CRE: 350ci, at, 300hp/SS
    CCK: 250ci, at, tp CNC: 307ci, mt CCL: 250ci, mt, tp
    CCM: 250ci, pg, tp CNE: 307ci, pg CND: 307ci, mt
    CCZ: 250ci, at, mt CNF: 307ci, at CJF: 396ci, mt, 350hp/SS
    CJH: 396ci, mt,375hp/SSCNH: 307ci, ex, pg CNG: 307ci, ex, mt
    CJI: 396ci, at,350hp/SSCNI: 350ci, mt, tb CRF: 250ci, mt
    CJL: 396ci, at CNJ: 350ci, mt, 300hp/SS CRG: 250ci, ex, mt
    CTA: 307ci, at, ex CTB: 350ci, mt, z CJK: 396ci, at,375hp/SS
    CTW: 396ci, at, hp CTX: 396ci, hp, mt CTY: 396ci, at, sp

    Abbreviations: at = Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic, ci = cubic inch, ex = export, hp = high performance, pg = Powerglide automatic transmission, mt = manual transmission, sp = special high performance, tb = two barrel carburetor, tp = taxi/police, Z = RPO Z28 special performance package, SS = used in SS option.

    Engine Code Example: V0328CJH - (396 375hp Assembled in Flint assembly plant on March 28)
    Click here for further engine decoding information

    1970 Camaro Powerteams
       BaseBaseL-65 L48Z-28L-34 L-78LS-6
       250307350 350350396 396454
    3- and 4-spd. 12.85:12.85:12.54:12.52:1 2.52:1a2.20:1a2.52:1a 2.20:1a
    manual trans 21.68:11.68:11.80:1 1.88:1 1.88:1 1.64:1 1.88:1 1.64:1
    ratios 31.00:1 1.00:11.44:1 1.46:1 1.46:1 1,27:1 1.46:1 1.27:1
     4-- -- 1.00:1 1,00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1
     R2.95:12.95:12.54:1 2.59:1 2.59:1 2.26:1 2.59:1 2.26:1
    Clutch diam., in. 9.12 10.3410.34 11.0 11.0
    Axle ratios S3.08:13.08:13.36:1 3.31:1 3.73:1 3.31:1 3.55:1 3.31:1
     P--3.08:13.36:1 3.31:14.10:13.31:14.10:1 --
      Base BaseL-65L48Z-28 L-34L-78LS-6
      250 307350350 350396396454
    Powerglide & 11.82:11.82:1b 2.52:12.52:12.48:1 2.48:1 N.o. 2.48:1
    Turbo Hydra-21.00:11.00:11.52:1 1.52:1 1.48:1 1.48:1N.o.1.48:1
    matic ratios3 -- 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.00:1 N.o.1.00:1
     R1.82:11.82:11.93:1 1.93:1 2.08:1 2.08:1 N.o.2.08:1
    Axle ratios S2.73:12.73:12.73:1 3.07:1 3.73:1 3.31:1 N.o.3.31:1
     E--- --- ---N.o. --
     p--- 3.31:13.07:1 4.10:1 3.31:1 N.o.

    Only manual transmission available with base 250 and 307 was the 3-speed.
    Only manual transmission for larger V8's were 4-speeds.
    a = Alternate 4-speed transmissions offered at no extra cost.
    b = Turbo Hydra-Matic with 2.52:1 low range was also available for the 307 V-8.
    S = Standard ratio, E = Economy, P = Performance

    Transmission Codes
    4-Speed (L.D. cast iron case)MuncieR
    4-Speed (H.D. aluminum case)MuncieP
    PowerglideMcKinnon E
    Turbo Hydramatic 350ClevelandB
    Turbo Hydramatic 350Toledo Y

    Transmission Code Example: P0C27A - (1970 Muncie 4 speed, assembled March 27, (M20 w/2.52 1st gear)
    Type Code:
    R3 = 3 speed manual (L6 & V8).
    WB = 4 speed manual (V8)
    UD = Powerglide (L6), UF = Powerglide (V8)
    GW = TH350 (V8)
    TH400 transmission code is CK or CY (for BBC) and is stamped on a tag which is rivited to transmission case.
    Click here for further transmission decoding information

    Rear Axle Codes
    COA 2.56:1   COM 2.56:1   COZ 3.73:1 Locking
    COB 2.56:1   CON 2.56:1 Locking   CRA 3.07:1
    COC 2.73:1   COO 4.10:1   CRB 3.31:1
    COD 2.73:1 Locking   COP 2.73:1 Locking   CRC 3.55:1
    COE 3.08:1   COR3.73:1 Locking   CRD3.73:1
    COF 3.08:1 Locking   COS3.07:1   CRE4.10:1
    COG3.36:1   COT3.07:1 Locking  CRF2.56:1
    COH3.36:1 Locking   COU 3.31:1  CRG 2.56:1 Locking
    COI 3.08:1   COV 3.31:1 Locking   CRH 3.08:1
    COJ 3.08:1 Locking   COW 3.55:1  CRI 3.08:1 Locking
    COK 3.36:1   COX 3.55:1 Locking   CRX 2.73:1
    COL 3.36:1 Locking   COY 3.73:1   CRY 2.73:1 Locking

    Rearend Code Example: COZ0327GE - (Chevy sourced 3.73 Posi, Assembled on March 27 w/ Eaton Posi)
    Click here for further axle decoding information
    Click Here for general axle info and tooth combinations

    1970 Camaro Factory Options
    RPODescription QtyRetail *
    12387 Camaro Sport Coupe, 6-cylinder 12,578 $2,749.00
    12487 Camaro Sport Coupe, 8-cylinder 112,323 2,839.00
    AK1Belts, custom deluxe 13,218 12.15
    AS4Belts, custom deluxe rear shoulder 89 26.35
    A01Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows 71,363 37.95
    A31Power Windows
    B37Floor Mats, color-keyed front and rear 23,708 11.60
    B93Guards, door edge35,577 5.30
    C08Vinyl Roof Cover 43,221 89.55
    C24Windshield Wipers, hide-a-way 40,143 19.00
    C50Defroster, rear window 8,814 26.35
    C60Air Conditioning 38,565 380.25
    D34Mirror, visor vanity 7,423 3.20
    D35Mirrors, sport right and left remote exterior 31,726 26.35
    D55Console - 59.00
    D80Spoiler, rear deck- 32.65
    F41Suspension, special purpose front and rear - 30.55
    G80Positraction, rear axle 19,752 44.25
    J50Power Brakes, front disc, rear drum 59,607 47.40
    J52Front disc brakes
    L226 Cylinder Engine, 250 CID
    L34Engine, 396ci, 350hp Turbo-jet V8 (SS) 1,864 152.75
    L65Engine, 350ci, 250hp Turbo-Fire V834,780 31.60
    L78Engine, 396ci, 375hp Turbo-jet V8 (SS)600 385.50
    M20Transmission, 4-speed wide range12,191 205.95
    M21Transmission, 4-speed close ratio5,302 205.95
    M22Transmission, 4-speed heavy-duty close ratio1,185 232.35
    M35Transmission, Powerglide automatic19,520 174.25
    M383-speed automatic transmission, 300 deluxe
    M40Transmission, Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic71,832200.65
    NA9Emission Control, required for California15,862 36.90
    N10Dual Exhaust
    N33Tilt Steering Column6,735 45.30
    N40Power Steering 92,640 105.35
    PL3Tires, E78x14 belted white stripe 56,186 26.05
    PL4Tires, F70x14 belted white letter 20,783 65.35
    PX6Tires, F78x14 belted white stripe 12,893 43.30
    PY4Tires, F70x14 belted white stripe 15,776 65.70
    P01Wheel Covers, bright metal 73,292 26.35
    P02Wheel Covers, special 3,532 79.00
    P06Deluxe wheel trim cover
    T60Battery, heavy duty 5,518 15.80
    U14Special Instrumentation 17,842 84.30
    U35Clock 15,533 15.80
    U63Radio, AM pushbutton 110,779 61.10
    U69Radio, AM-FM pushbutton 8,586 133.80
    U76Windshield antenna
    U80Speaker, rear seat 20,583 14.75
    VF3Bumpers, deluxe front and rear 1,605 36.90
    V01Radiator, heavy duty 1,509 14.75
    Y02Custom Front Seat
    Y03Custom Rear Seat
    Y10Custom Trim
    YD1Axle, trailering ratio 132 12.65
    ZJ7Wheels, rally 15,197 42.15
    ZJ9Auxiliary Lighting Group 8,307 13.70
    ZP5Appearance Guard Group (Includes B93, B37, D34)
    ZQ2Operating Convenience Group (Includes U35, D35, C50)
    ZQ9Axle, performance ratio 3,161 12.65
    Z21 Style Trim Group 43,344 52.70
    Z22 Rally Sport Package 27,136 168.55
    Z23 Interior Accent Group 36,550 21.10
    Z27 Super Sport Package 12,476 289.65
    Z28 Special Performance Package 8,733 572.95
    Z87 Custom Interior 21,059 115.90

    * Option prices are retail for base model. Prices could be reduced or option could be had at no charge if it was included as standard equipment on the Z28, Rally Sport or Super Sport or as part of an option package.

    1970 Camaro Exterior & Interior Color Codes
    Trim Tag (Norwood Built Camaro)

    Model Year - 1970 Interior Code - 711 = Black Standard vinyl Build Date - 4th Week of April Model Description - Chevy Camaro V8 2 dr. cpe. Assembly Plant - Norwood Ohio Fisher Body Unit Sequence Number Optional Accessory Code Lower Body Color - 67 = Classic Copper Upper Body Color - 67 = Classic Copper
    Trim Tag (LA Built Camaro)

    Year - 1970 Interior Code - 724 = Dark Green Custom vinyl Build Date - 5th Week of March Model Description - Chevy Camaro V8 2 dr. cpe. Assembly Plant - Van Nuyes California Internal plant code Fisher Body Unit Sequence Number Lower Paint Color - 48 = Forest Green Upper Color - G = Dark Green vinyl Top Internal plant code

    The trim tag, located on the cowl area identifies significant information about your car. Move mouse over code on above trim tag examples for detailed description or Click Here for general trim tag decoding information.

    Paint CodeColorVinyl TopStripesInteriors Available
    10 Classic WhiteBk-Dg-WBkB-Bk-Bkb-Bkg-Bkw-Dg-S-Sw
    14 Cortez SilverBk-WBkB-Bk-Bkb-Bkg-Bkw-Dg-S-Sw
    17 Shadow GrayBk-W Bk-WBk-Bkg-Bkw-Dg-S-Sw
    25 Astro BlueBk-WBk-W Bk-Bkw-Sw
    26 Med BlueBk-WBk-WB-Bk-Bkb-Bkw-S-Sw
    43 Citrus GreenBk-WBk-W Bk-Bkg-Bkw-Dg-Sw
    45 Green MistBk-Dg-WBk-W Bk-Bkg-Bkw-Dg-S-Sw
    48 Forest GreenBk-Dg-WWBk-Bkg-Bkw-Dg-S-Sw
    51 Daytona YellowBk-WBk Bk-Bkg-Bkw-Dg
    53 Camaro GoldBk-WBk-WBk-Bkw-Sw
    58 Autumn GoldBk-WWBk-Bkg-Bkw-Dg-S-Sw
    63 Desert SandBk-WBk-WBk-Bkg-Bkw-Dg-S-Sw
    65 Hugger OrangeBk-W W-Bk Bk-Bkw-Sw
    67 Classic CopperBk-WWBk-Bkw-S-Sw
    75 Cranberry RedBk-WBk-WBk-Bkw-S-Sw

    Paint type: "Magic-Mirror" Acrylic Lacquer. Two-tone combinations not offered. vinyl Top offered at additional cost.

    1970 Vinyl Top Code - Upper Body Color Code
    A = White, B = Black, C = Dark Blue, G = Dark Green, H = Dark Gold

    Interior Codes:















    Abbreviations: B = Blue, Bk = Black, Bkb = Black with blue accents, Bkg = Black with green accents, Bkw = Black with white accents, cc = Custom cloth, cv = Custom vinyl, Dg = Dark green, S = Saddle, Sw = Sandlewood, std = standard, W = White.

    1970 Camaro RPO Breakouts & Model Specifics

    1970 Z21 Style Trim - Includes body colored insert on door handles, bright window, body, sill and hood panel moldings plus bright accented parking lights, taillights and backup lights. (Included with Rally Sport option).

    1970 Z22 Rally Sport - Includes special black painted grille with special rubber tipped vertical center bar and resilient body color grille frame; Independent LH and RH front bumpers replacing full width bumper; license plate bracket mounted below RH bumper; parking lights with bright accents mounted on grille panel; Hide-a-Way windshield wipers with black-chrome finished arms and articulated left hand blade; bright window, hood panel and body sill moldings; body colored insert on door handles; RS emblem on steering wheel; Rally Sport front fender nameplates; bright accented taillights and back-up lights. (RS emblems deleted with SS or Z28 option).

    Click here for information on How to verify a Rally Sport
    Click here to view a 1970 RS [ Side view | High Angle Front View | Front 1/4 Side view ]

    1970 Z23 Accent Group Interior - Includes additional instrument cluster lighting, wood grained accents on instrument cluster and steering wheel (included in Custom Interior option).

    1970 Z27 Super Sport - Includes 300-hp Turbo-Fire 350 engine and bright accents & dual exhaust; power brakes, special ornamentation; special hood insulation; F70-14 bias belted ply white lettered tires, 14" x 7" wheels; black painted grille; hide-a-way windshield wipers with black chrome finished arms and articulated left hand blade; SS emblems on steering wheel, fenders and grille (exc. when combined with RS), available with V8 only, available with 4-speed manual or automatic transmission only, optional engines are L34 350 hp 396 and L78 375 hp 396). 396 recieved black painted rear panel and forced RPO F41 onto the car. L78 required positraction.

    Total SS Production = 12,476
    L48/350 ci = 10012  L34/396 ci = 1864  L78/396 ci = 600
    Carburetor Part numbersDistributor Part Numbers
    350 ci - 7040203350 ci - 1111997
    350 ci w/at - 7040202396 ci - 1112000
    396 ci - 7040205396 ci - 1112000
    396 ci w/at - 7040204
    396 ci 375hp w/EEC - 3957477 (Holly R-4557A)
    396 ci 375hp w/EEC - 3967479 (Holly R-4491A)
    396 ci 375hp w/EEC & at - 3969898 (Holly R-4492A)
    396 ci 375hp w/EEC & at - 3969894 (Holly R-4556A)
    BBC Intake Manifold: 3963569

    1970 Z28 Special Performance Package

    Mark D's 1970 Z28. Click image to view more info
    Other Views: Z28 Sales literature

    Engine: Includes special 350 CID, 360-bhp V-8 derived from Corvette LT-1. Four-bolt mains, forged steel crank, TRW impact extruded pistons, 11:1 c.r. Standard cam was 1969 optional cam, with 317-degree intake duration and 346-degree exhaust. Lift: 0.458 inches intake and exhaust, Carburetion by Holley 780-cfm (4150) 4-barrel atop new high-rise aluminum manifold. Spark via aluminum single-point, vacuum controlled distributor. High-performance oil pump, baffled pan, windage tray. Cast aluminum rocker covers with internal galleries. Twin-pulley fan drive. Mechanical valve lifters. Same heads and valve sizes as 302. Chrome dressup kit, larger-capacity radiator.

    Click here to see the specific LT-1 Engine Components.

    1970 Z28 Carburetor (780 cfm Holley)
    A/T List 4490GM # 3972120
    4 Spd List 4555GM # 3972121
    A/T w/NB2 List 4554GM # 3972122
    4 Spd w/NB2 List 4489GM # 3972123

    Transmission: Mandatory choice of same Muncie 4-speeds as before, with special 2400-rpm-stall torque converter Turbo Hydra-Matic optional. First year an automatic transmission could be ordered in the Z-28.

    Clutch: New 11-inch unit.

    Rear Axle: GM 12 bolt (only year 12 bolt used). Positraction optional. 3.73:1 ratio standard. 4.10 ratio available (RPO ZQ9).

    Brakes: 11-inch, vented, cast-iron front discs with vacuum assist standard. Rear 9.5-inch drums.

    Front Suspension: Similar to previous Camaro's. Z-28 anti-roll bar 1.0-inch diameter instead of standard 0.6875-inch unit.
    Rear Suspension: RPO F-41 special suspension standard, including 5-leaf rear springs, 125 lb./in. spring rate, staggered heavy-duty shocks, link-type rear stabilizer bar.
    Steering: Standard non-power steering ratio 18.8:1 or 4.1 turns lock to lock. Optional power steering came as variable-ratio at 14.3-10.9:1 for 2.3 turns lock to lock.

    Wheels & Tires: 15 x 7 steel wheels painted dull grey with bright lugnuts, center caps with blue bow-tie and trim rings,
    Wheel Code: AU, Part #: 3983045, Center cap part #: 3989479, Trim Ring part #: 3984524.
    F60-15 fiberglass-belted white letter tires standard.

    Click here to see the specific 1970 Z28 Chassis Specifications.

    Other Options, equipment, facts: One-piece low-profile rear spoiler standard; 3-piece high spoiler (COPO 9796) available optionally after Apr. 20, 1970; special instrumentation; dual exhaust; black painted grille; Z28 emblems on grille, front fenders and rear deck lid; rear bumper guards; special hood insulation; special paint stripes on hood and rear deck.

    Total Production: 8733

    1970 Z87 Custom Interior - Includes deluxe seat (in cloth or vinyl) and sidewall trim; glove compartment light and additional instrument cluster lighting; wood grained accents on instrument cluster, steering wheel and door trim panels; luggage compartment mat plus special engine compartment, hood and interior insulation.

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    Author: MadMike Maciolek

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