Camaro Power Windows (A31)

RPO A31 Power Windows Power windows (RPO A31) were optional beginning late during the 1973 production year. A dual switch was mounted on the console to activate either window. This option required the console (RPO D55) to be ordered.

Typical cost ranged from $75 - $133

Power Window Wiring diagrams: 1973 | 1978

Note, the power window wiring harness is installed by fisher body. It plugs into the main dash harness installed by Chevy. This is why the power window option is coded onto the cowl tag. The chevy wiring diagrams for optional equipment will only show the lead to the harness.

Component Description
Power window regulators are different than standard window regulators. The window regulator needs to accomodate the motor. When power windows were installed in a car the place where the manual window crank would normally be installed on the door panel was covered by a round medallion.

Last updated: 8/17/2005
Author: MadMike Maciolek

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