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  1. BC_Homegrown
  2. Canadianwraith
    Canadianwraith Michaels
    text me your cell. mine is 5195214068
  3. Nashty 70
    Nashty 70 CamaroII
    Hi there,
    I emailed you about the shroud and radiator cover back when you first posted them. Can I please get some pictures? I'm very interested in both.
    Thank you
  4. joeparamonkey
    Back at it again. Project resumed
  5. joeparamonkey
    Hey gang. I would like to know if I have to take a class in order to use a wire feed welder to put new floor plans? Never welded in my life.
  6. clm69z28
    clm69z28 C4Racer
    Hi C4Racer:

    Jody Haag sells a shim kit which is a nice selection of sizes if you needed them in the future. I have used hvac metal seam tape which is about .010" nominal which when compressed is around .002-.003". It sticks nicely to the edge of the bellhousing and you can layer it up to smooth out the transition.Made a big difference in my cars, for sure.
  7. migzisonfire
    The 2nd 71 is need some new rear quarter panel work. And back panel needs replacing
  8. migzisonfire
    So 1 of my 71’s is getting painted, well body work first. Taken down to bare metal first.
  9. fdeluca532
  10. ssmythe0764
    ssmythe0764 erhan ergin
    Did you ever get your engine power issue figured out? Reason I ask is I was just going through this and found my heads were not appropriate. Car could not do a burn out; no power; running rich; etc. While not perfect it will do a burnout pretty dam easy now.

    Certainly hope you are fixed but if not be happy to pass along what else I have done.

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