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  1. Dirty C10
    Dirty C10
    anybody know whats needed to mate a 70s sm465 to a 880 block 1 piece rear seal? The sm 465 flexplate won't work.
  2. joeparamonkey
  3. joeparamonkey
  4. migzisonfire
    migzisonfire drpipes
    Hey so if you don’t mind me asking, what’d you get for your camaro?
  5. 68ss
    I purchased the ac delete box from the parts place my fancage is too long, which fan do i need? the no ac one is the same as mine
  6. fireforeffect
    Trans Am guy ('78 WS6 4spd), but tons of good info here!!
  7. BC_Homegrown
  8. Canadianwraith
    Canadianwraith Michaels
    text me your cell. mine is 5195214068
  9. Nashty 70
    Nashty 70 CamaroII
    Hi there,
    I emailed you about the shroud and radiator cover back when you first posted them. Can I please get some pictures? I'm very interested in both.
    Thank you
  10. joeparamonkey
    Back at it again. Project resumed