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  1. Andrew Talbert
    Andrew Talbert
    Please welcome me to Nasty Z!
  2. Michael richardson
    Michael richardson
    Working on my 74 camaro
  3. KingofThings
    Contemplating how I'm going to ever get the vehicles done......
  4. chevyimpalas
  5. Bill Cameron
    Bill Cameron
    1969 Z28 302 DZ
    1. Bill Cameron
      Bill Cameron
      Hi all, I'm new but have seen a lot of posts online so I figured it was time to join. I'm almost wrapped up with a 69 Z28 restoration. I know this is primarily a 2nd gen group but I think a lot of info works for both 1st and 2nd gen. Anyways, glad I founs a way to join.
      Jan 3, 2021
  6. James60
  7. Arthur Ehler
    Arthur Ehler
    How is this for a rare color, charcoal grey with gold stripes, only seen one other than mine 1980 Z28
  8. captaincog
    1971 RS/SS350 Camaro built in August 1970. I brought her back from the dead with the help of many people. I have had her for 27 years now.
  9. camarocrazed
    Are there any guys that are 6 ft 3 that have experience with aftermarket seat brackets 79 camaro. I don't want my seats to sit too high.
  10. JayBird78
    Just made a profile looking for some help.