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  1. cali81z28
    currently rebuilding 81 Z28 5.7L SB 350
  2. John Garner
    John Garner
    New guy from Texas!
  3. Lindsey
    Who do you guys use to INS your Ride through shopping INS Thanks
  4. Ronnie Strickland
    Ronnie Strickland
    Thanks for the add
  5. hullj21
    Shopping for the right Engine Trans combo. Looking at a stock LS3 6.2l with the stock T6060. Anyone put this combo into a 1970 ?
  6. Andrew Talbert
    Andrew Talbert
    Ready for spring time here in northern North Carolina to get my gen II out of the shop and stretch it's legs out!
  7. tbhdom
    Looking for a template to convert auto 81z to manual. Not incredibly computer savy. Help please Thanks to all you camaro guru's in advance
  8. jim bilotta
    jim bilotta
    My high school car took it apart in 1989. Finally have time to rebuild.
  9. Bobs RPO Z/28
    Bobs RPO Z/28
    Trying to find my White 1974 Z/28, TH/HEI/LT LT-1 Intake/Holley/Solids sold in 1995 went to Villa Park IL - anyone seen it?
  10. Kid rock
    Kid rock
    Hi, everyone. My name is Barry. I live in Nehalem, Oregon. I just purchased a 1970 z/28. Wanted to say hi and thanks far all the knowledge.