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  1. Walter C Hlass Jr
    Walter C Hlass Jr
    Fuse box 1978 no power
  2. RS1979
    This is Brett’s wife. He passed away this morning.
  3. blown32
    blown32 Norcal-Z
    Did you get a chance to check on your 5 spoke wheels?

    Thank you,
  4. Ken70
  5. Ken70
    1970 Sport owned High School 355-auto-373 12 bolt
  6. Jerry Mali
    Jerry Mali
    Doe anyone know how many hours are involved in doing a mini tube and quadro-link on a 73 Z-28?
  7. AeroheadZ28
    Doing a full frame off restoration on a 72 Z28 . I bought the car in 1982 and it was my daily driver until 1984. Thanks to Gary & friends
  8. AeroheadZ28
    Doing a full frame restoration on a 72 Z28 I've the car since 1982 and was my daily driver.
  9. jungle_josh
    A tragic and savage journey through the heart of the american dream.
  10. ljsilver
    ljsilver Rudolph Schenker
    I got an alert and it says you attached a file to an earlier thread but not able to find it? I am doing a 350 to 700r4 swap and needing a filer tube and dipstick. I found one from fitzall but not original.
    1. Rudolph Schenker
      Rudolph Schenker
      Yeah, not sure about that?
      Apr 16, 2021