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  1. Popper
    Popper sean ireland
    I have a set of stock spindles. id either sell or trade. Im in Dallas TX so would need to check shipping charges
    1. sean ireland
      sean ireland
      I’m interested in the spindles only, my ZIP Code is 91390
      Jun 15, 2021 at 11:24 AM
    2. sean ireland
      sean ireland
      I would be willing to trade for a new pair of CPP 70-78 2 inch drop spindles
      Jun 15, 2021 at 11:25 AM
  2. clm69z28
    clm69z28 Rosster
    Hi Rosster,

    I am following up on your offer to connect me with the owner of the FB Z28 owner. I would certainly like to talk to him about his car. BTW, where is it located , I’m in San Diego. Thanks for the offer of hooking us up. I can be reached at 909-821-9364. Chris Mounts
  3. pelandry70
  4. pelandry70
    tbi conversion
  5. pelandry70
  6. Ethan Collyear
  7. Juha Starck
  8. tom young
    tom young
    Working on my 74 z28 with upgrades: need help in identifying the 12 pin plug on the gage cluster. what color goes to what?
  9. Boka
    1968 RS/SS Camaro BBC ,Auto 350 Trans !!
  10. lilbeer
    Finally back on.