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Abbreviations: AB = Air Brakes, AR = Air Injector Reactor, CA = California, HD = Heavy Duty, hdc = heavy duty clutch, HP = High Performance, LP = Liquid Propane Gas, PG = Powerglide, mt = manual trans, mt-3, 3 speed manual, SHP = Special High Performance, TH = Turbo Hydramatic, ti = transistor ignition. Induction is one (1) 4 barrel carburetor unless specified.

IK 1967Chevrolet427425MtAR SHP
IK 1968Chevrolet396325mt-3Police
IK 1966Corvette427425Mt SHP
IL 1968Corvette427390Mt
IL 1966Corvette427390Mt
IL 1967Corvette427390Mt
IM 1966Corvette427390Mt
IM 1967Corvette427390Mt
IM 1968Corvette427400Mt HP
IN 1968Chevrolet396325PGPolice
IN 1966Chevrolet396325TH
IN 1967Chevrolet396325THAR
IO 1968Chevrolet427425MtSHP
IO 1967Chevrolet427385THAR
IO 1966Chevrolet396325TH
IO 1968Corvette427400TH HP
IP 1966Corvette427425Mt SHP
IQ 1968Corvette427390TH
IQ 1966Corvette427390PG
IQ 1967Corvette427390PG
IR 1966Corvette427390PG AR
IR 1968Corvette427435Mt SHP
IR 1967Corvette427390PG
IS 1967Chevrolet427385THAR Impala SS
IS 1968Chevrolet427385TH
IT 1968Corvette427435Mt SHP
IT 1967Corvette427435Mt SHP
IU 1968Corvette427435Mt SHP
IU 1967Corvette427435Mt SHP
IV 1966Chevrolet396325TH
IV 1968Chevrolet396325TH
IV 1967Chevrolet396325THAR
IV 1965Chevrolet396325TH
IW 1965Chevrolet396325TH
IX 1967Chevrolet427385MtAR Impala SS
JA 1967Corvette427435Mt SHP
JA 1969Chevelle396325Mt
JB 1969Camaro396325MT
JC 1967Corvette427400Mt
JC 1969Chevelle396350Mt HP
JD 1967Corvette427400PG
JD 1969Chevelle396375Mt SHP
JE 1969Chevelle396350TH HP
JE 1967Corvette427435Mt SHP
JF 1967Corvette427400Mt
JF 1969Chevy II396350Mt HP
JF 1969Camaro396350Mt HP
JG 1969Camaro396325TH
JG 1967Corvette427400PG
JH 1969Chevy II396375Mt SHP
JH 1967Corvette427435Mt SHP
JH 1969Camaro396 375Mt SHP
JI 1969Chevy II396350TH HP
JI 1969Camaro396350TH HP
JJ 1969Camaro396AHMt
JK 1969Chevelle396325TH
JL 1969Camaro396 375TH SHP
JL 1969Chevy II396375TH SHP
JM 1969Camaro396 THalum hd
JM 1969Chevy II396TH
JN 1969Chevrolet396265Mt
JO 1969Chevrolet396265THPolice
JP 1969Chevrolet396265Police
JQ 1969Chevrolet396265TH
JR 1969Chevrolet396265MtPolice, hdc
JT 1969Chevrolet396265Mthdc
JU 1969Camaro396 325Mt
JU 1969Chevy II396PG
JV 1969Chevelle396325Mt
KA 1969Chevy II396350Mt HP
KA 1969Camaro396 350Mt HP
KB 1969Chevelle396350Mt HP
KC 1969Chevy II396375Mt SHP
KC 1969Camaro396 375Mt SHP
KD 1969Chevelle396375Mt SHP
KE 1969Camaro396 Mtalum hd
KE 1969Chevy II396Mt
KF 1969Chevelle396375TH SHP
KG 1969Chevelle396Mtalum hd
KH 1969Chevelle396THalum hd
KI 1969Chevelle396Mtalum hd
LA 1969Chevrolet427390MtHP
LB 1969Chevrolet427335Mt
LB 1965Chevrolet396325PG
LC 1969Chevrolet427390THHP
LC 1965Chevrolet396325TH
LD 1969Chevrolet427425MtSHP
LE 1969Chevrolet427335TH
LF 1969Chevrolet427390THHP Police
LF 1965Chevrolet396325Mt
LG 1969Chevrolet427390MtHP Police
LH 1969Chevrolet427390MtHP
LI 1969Chevrolet427335TH
LJ 1969Chevrolet427335THPolice
LK 1969Chevrolet427335MtPolice
LL 1969Corvette427390TH HP
LM 1969Corvette427390Mt HP
LN 1969Corvette427400TH HP
LO 1969Corvette427430Mt HD
LP 1969Corvette427435Mt alum hd
LQ 1969Corvette427400Mt HP
LR 1969Corvette427435Mt SHP
LS 1969Chevrolet427425THSHP
LT 1969Corvette427435Mt SHP
LU 1969Corvette427435Mt alum hd
LV 1969Corvette427430TH HD
LW 1969Corvette427435TH alum hd
LX 1969Corvette427435TH SHD
LY 1969Chevrolet427335MtPolice
LZ 1969Chevrolet427390MtHP Police
MA 1969Chevrolet427335Mt
MB 1969Chevrolet427390MtHP Police
MC 1969Chevrolet427390MtHP
MD 1969Chevrolet427425MtSHP
ME 1969Corvette427430Mt
MG 1969Corvette427430at
MH 1969Corvette427390Mt
MI 1969Corvette427390at
MJ 1969Corvette427400at
MK 1969Corvette427400Mt
MQ 1968Chevy II396375Mt HP
MQ 1968Camaro396375Mt
MQ 1967Camaro396375Mt
MR 1967Camaro396375Mt
MR 1968Chevy II396350TH HP
MR 1968Camaro396 350TH
MR 1969Corvette427430Mt
MS 1969Corvette427Questionable
MT 1968Camaro396375Mt
MW 1968Camaro396325Mt & at
MW 1967Camaro396 Mt
MX 1968Camaro396350Mt
MX 1967Camaro396 AR
MX 1968Chevy II396350Mt HP
MY 1967Camaro396325TH
MY 1968Camaro396325TH
MZ 1967Camaro396325TH

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