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    Replacement rear quarter 80 z

    That one in Ann Arbor looks like Firebird quarters to me.
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    Whats it worth?

    Thanks guys. He is asking $3000 and I was thinking $2500 as well. It seems all of the cars I have bought lately were either major projects or parts cars that were all dirt cheap. I think the last complete running Camaro I bought was the year my son was born (1995).
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    Whats it worth?

    I know a guy who is selling his 1981 Camaro. It was garage kept most of its life and is in good shape. Body is rust free and what I think is original paint is nice enough. Interior is almost perfect, no cracks in dash or console, no tears in seats, but carpet does show some age. It is a V6...
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    350 / 4 spd. 1981 Z28?? Possible??

    My 79 Berlinetta I owned years ago had a 305 but had the close ratio 4 speed that was supposed to only be available with the Z28. It was even on the build sheet this way. I think some dealers had more leeway back then on stuff like that. I wouldn't rule out it being a 350 4 speed Z28. Ill...
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    WTB spark arrestor for 81z

    Thank you Dan. Sounds like your car is very similar to mine except I have the custom vinyl silver interior. Best of luck getting it all back to original.
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    New Project!! Zed Sled 78 Z28

    KT, been a long time fan. Glad to see you doing this. If you still need door glass I have an extra set in my shed. I could see trading it for a shop tour and an autograph ;)
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    Is This Really A Z28???

    So did you go look? Inquiring minds want to know....
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    My 81 progress

    Here is one of my trim tag. Last owner sand blasted it. You can see the Fisher Body number 206626 and the internal batch code 600283 are both found on the build sheet in the top corners.
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    My 81 progress

    Here is the hood after the first round of stripper. You can see the fenders in the background.
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    My 81 progress

    Thought I'd give a project update. Hood, nose, fenders and small parts are at my neighbor's house. He is a paint and body guy also one heck of an air brush artist. Stripping paint, epoxy prime and bc/cc black. I'll try to get pics of the progress. While it was apart I tore down the engine...
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    Door wont sit flush!!!

    New weatherstip? How did the old door fit?
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    Is This Really A Z28???

    Oh, one final thought. If the VIN and title come back with no issues and it is a solid car, it does look like a good starting point. Even if not a true Z28 it has a lot of the parts and would make a good tribute car.
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    Is This Really A Z28???

    Make sure to look under the hood to see if the scoop is mounted to a Z28 hood or just to a flat hood that was drilled for it. It looks slightly off center (to the driver side) to me (could just be panel alignment). Bump stop spacers are on this thread...
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    WTB spark arrestor for 81z

    Email sent
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    80-81 Stripe kit Silver

    PM sent

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