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    355 H.O. Engine Build HELP

    Dynamic is closer to 9.45. You do not use .050 when calculating DCR. I would also use a better piston to reduce deck clearance as sandlapper mentioned above.
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    Wonder why single plane intakes run, start and idle better than dual plane intakes on a big block?

    The reason was they were producing thousands of cars that had to perform below 3000 RPM for 99% of the time. When OEM's were calibrating cars, the priority order was 1.) emissions, 2.) fuel economy, 3.) performance. Production cars were intended to be used daily, in all types of weather. I have...
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    What exactly is it? 1969 396?

    Here is my take. Engine: T052 = Tonowanda May 2nd. JA correct code for Chevelle 396/325 HP M/T 386443 is matching to Chevelle, Baltimore, MD. assembly plant June 1969. Because of above, I believe the character in the sequence is "B". I'm thinking it's actually 19B386443. (You can confirm with...
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    Excellent job. This is the same car in 1979. LOL! Good luck with the sale. It's well worth that.
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    1970 rear bumper guards/fangs

    Thanks everyone for the helpful advice!
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    1970 rear bumper guards/fangs

    Has anyone here drilled a new bumper for the upper guard bolt holes?
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    Rotisserie with 2nd gen adaptors

    Adaptors are SOLD
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    Dyno tuned 434 SBC 11:1 AFR 245 Solid Roller

    It's nice to see honest dyno numbers. More rare than you might think. Very nice combination. Great job.
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    Rotisserie with 2nd gen adaptors

    SOLD - "F" body adaptors are still available for $150. I will ship.
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    Rotisserie with 2nd gen adaptors

    Auto Twirler Pro Blue Powdercoated Rotisserie. Pick up only 14616 NY.
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    L34 on Evelbay

    OP trim tag appears legit. VIN # (last 6) lines up with production week perfectly.
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    Vacuum advance maxed out at idle?

    Full vacuum advance while engine is at idle speed and throttle against the idle set screw (closed) is correct. That being said, a cam with high valve overlap can result in idle vacuum low enough that vacuum advance no longer functions as intended. In that case, many people use ported to...
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    Power windows very slow

    junkyardZ28find This member sold me a power window relay kit.