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    Thoughts on 1970 project car value

    So I took a look at a 1970 base model Camaro project car and was wondering what the views were here on current values. I know, they are nuts. The car has some great things going for it but it also has some rust issues, real bad. The owner has had it for a year and hasn't touched it since it...
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    Does this VIN tag look as wrong to you as it does to me?

    I seriously thought you all lost you mind....then I saved the picture and flipped it upside down. What the hell...... This probably has some much deeper meaning as it pertains to how people view things, which I really don't care about..... :)
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    Mecum 2022

    I'm a little surprised Zed Sled only brought $66,000. Lots of publicity and parts in that car. Now, that is a LOT of money but in the crazy car auction world these days.......
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    Help with more parts recognition

    Originally that is where the fuel vapor canister (not sure of the real name) was located. @wayne scott shows the original in his post in this thread. It is part of the emissions items. The routing seems right. Follow the link I added in my previous post and you can download some install info...
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    Help with more parts recognition

    #5 Looks like an aftermarket vacuum reserve canister. Helps store vacuum with a bigger cam that doesn't supply good vacuum at all times. Vacuum Can
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    Blueprint Engines and Stock A/C Bracket

    Don't forget about the rear brace (#1 in the diagram I attached) that supports the rear bracket (#3 in your diagram). My Edelbrock intake mounting holes were a little off so the bracket needs some hole messaging to work for me. My 78 a/c attaches in the same manner as yours.
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    Summit lowering leafs

    Do you have the part number for those? How long were they used? I may be interested if you would be willing to ship to Minnesota. That may be a killer though, I don't know.
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    OER Interior Paint - Camel Tan for 1978 over black original

    Perfect, you can see a bit of it in the last picture! :)
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    OER Interior Paint - Camel Tan for 1978 over black original

    I know SEM interior paint seems to be the go to for many and that was what I had intended to use on my little project. Because of inventory issues where I was putting an order together from that wasn't available but the OER brand was. I had found good reviews online for the color I needed so I...
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    My coil-overs are sitting in the box, not installed. So time will tell how good my selection was. I used the QA1 tech info to guide me to select 450lb springs for my small block with A/C. This was for the stock mount coil-overs. Calculating Spring Rate for QA1 Stock Mount Coil-Over Systems...
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    Upper rad hose, 81 Z

    Thumbs up for my first order from Speedway Motors! This just came in, one day delivery Lincoln, NE to Minneapolis, MN.
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    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    QA1 stock mount coil-overs. Made in the USA just 20 miles down road from me here in Minnesota. For now I'll just be rebuilding the factory stock control arms with new poly bushings and ball joints while I'm in there. The control arms have never been touched since new so that's needed. I can...
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    Upper rad hose, 81 Z

    Perfect, thanks Terry! Thanks to you I just ordered this from Speedway and since I have never been on their mailing list I signed up for that and received 10$ off my first order. It covered the shipping plus a little extra. By chance I just got a different hose delivered last week that I...
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    CHP-Themed 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Movie Car - on BAT

    Ya'll let it get away..... 😀 Sold for $12,750 on 5/3/22
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    Any idea what are those holes in the engine bay fender?

    Sorry about the poor quality, I don't have access to my car right now and had to try to zoom in to a couple pictures I have of this. That hole on my 78 has one of the dual horns attached to it. Obviously my brace isn't in place in the picture so don't let that throw you off. Was that the...