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    Very Dissapointed in chevy at the Portland International Auto Show

    yea so i was really excited to see the new camaro i mean that basiclly was the only reason i wanted to go was to see it. im sorry im still going to probably still get one but i wish they had an SS there this is all they brought. *thats me in the car it is a way different feel to my 98 it sits...
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    first concert was july of 2007 in San Diego, Projekt Revolution tour: Linkin Park My Chemical Romance HIM Placebo Taking back Sunday Madina Lake and like 4 other bands that i didnt really care about... firswt and best concert ive ever been too :)
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    ok so i promised a while back....

    actually 2 years ago.....(sorry)..... i would make another Nastyz vid so send dem vids pics and such either links or send actual video files via email would like vids of burnouts, cookies( brody's, round houses, doughnuts, what ever you call spinning around in a circle of smoke) and also some...
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    Led turn signals and bright indicators? best place to get LEDs IMO
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    LOL wow ive been gone for a while.....

    Hey everybody man its been a while since ive been here glad to see lots of people here. well update: Im at OSU in an Electrical engineering degree program, sold my 79 :( BUT bought a 98 camaro instead :) bonus is the guy who bought it from me lives here in Corvallis so i see her every now...
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    Nasty Z-28 burnout video found on U-tube!

    gotta love vista:confused:
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    Im Back Wit New Toys!!

    yea im tring to get some fourth gen seats for it though
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    Im Back Wit New Toys!!

    Blue 79 camaro red 2002 Z28/SS 35th camaro in the wee back black 2001 monte carlo SS :bowtie: :bowtie: :bowtie:
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    Nasty Z-28 burnout video found on U-tube!

    send me your vids and ill make another one :D
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    Nasty Z-28 burnout video found on U-tube!

    WOOT FINALLY NOTICED MY VID LOL guess whos baaaacccckkkkkkkk :D
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    If I ever find the guy.....

    this was all done in front of my house good news is nothing else is wrong with my car yea i just finish the new front grills (chrome) dvd player screen auto locks door pops amp and subs now i cant even drive it! oh and that lettering i have to get done again cost 135 bucks since its...
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    If I ever find the guy.....

    just found out insurance doesnt cover it.......(sigh) 300 bucks thank god ive been saveing up for wheels so ive got enough
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    If I ever find the guy.....

    Im gunna do the same to HIM!!:mad: :mad:
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    Seat Brackets

    HELP ME! by driver seat brackets snapped so i took the passenger brackets off and switched them for the time being but i havent been able to find replacement ones ive checked junkyards (all too rusty), websites(classic,year one, NPD, etc) no one has the ones that fit my floor pans anyone know...
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    Anybody out there?

    welllllll...since the last time ive posted ive turned 18, won 7 trophies, graduated, got some new attachments to the car (XM radio, new spekers, new seats, soon new wheels) kept outa trouble no bad reports. starting college soon getting a degree in auto refinishing and repair along with some...

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