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    What was this guy thinking? Cat 4 coming I'll just park it in the car port?

    A lot more to it than just this photo. Look on for more complete photos. He had 4 cars. This one and a Daytona Charger were on lifts as high as they could go. The two on the bottom were moved to higher ground. These two were blown-floated off the lifts from 6 feet in the air...
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    Under hood insulation

    Pure speculation on my part, but after reading several articles about the development of the second gen Camaro and Firebird, I believe that under the direction of John Delorean (then GM of Chevrolet in 1970) that he was trying to move the F bodies more "upscale" from the compromises in the first...
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    Under hood insulation

    For 1970, not an option per se, but part of option Z27(SS), Z28 and Z87 Custom Interior. It's a little sketchy on whether every car with these options got it as there seems to be some instances of original cars where it was missing, but the GM docs seem to say that it was supposed to be there...
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    Safest way to buy online?

    You could always ask if they have a friend-family member that DOES accept Paypal. If no, you have your answer.
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    LIVE: NASA's DART spacecraft crashes into an asteroid for planetary defense

    Compare this to shooting the nuts off a gnat from a 1/4 mile the dark...during a hurricane!
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    Selling on Facebook

    If you said yes they would I'm sure wanted shipping to them included also.
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    1970 A/C Dash Vents 1971 1981 A/C Lap Vents

    Might check here: see post #2
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    1970-1971 Camaro 4speed Harrison Radiator.

    Pretty sure it is a letter, not a number.
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    1970-1971 Camaro 4speed Harrison Radiator.

    Above the tag, between the C and the T on the inset of the tank, about an inch or so up from the level of the C and T. Hard to read it on the photo as it is half painted and bare in that spot. On mine it is a letter A for January.
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    Correct 1970 Camaro Z28 Tires?

    Just checked with Kelsey and they said the current inventory is sold and they are on backorder until January.
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    Help-70 Z/28 Carb Needs Rebuilt

    Eric does everything from basic rebuilds to full on restorations and each carb can get a run in on his engine to verify. Don’t be surprised though if you’ve got some miles on your carb if the throttle shafts don’t need bushed due to slop. Mine did.
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    Help-70 Z/28 Carb Needs Rebuilt

    Really amazing when you consider the “before” condition
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    Help-70 Z/28 Carb Needs Rebuilt

    Just don't tell him its for a Corvette! Seriously, Eric's a great guy to deal with. He's just had problems with a few Corvette guys and won't deal with them anymore. He did mine:
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    Buy a Camaro Z28 1971

    Won't be a 12 bolt on a '71.
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    Control arm shims

    Could be turns of the nuts. The alignment was set when the subframe was built up, before assembly to the main body. I believe the engine was installed and a load placed on the subframe duplicating the weight of the car. The nuts were all the way in and a machine backed them out independently...

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