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    18 years ago today...

    Congratulations, Tommy!
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    A new life for my 1973

    very cool!
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    Hamburger Bean bake

    Will make this tomorrow! Thanks!
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    Holy Heck...$170k tax estimate for next year!

    and God forbid if you smoke.
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    Holy Heck...$170k tax estimate for next year!

    Fair enough, point taken, and noted.
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    Holy Heck...$170k tax estimate for next year!

    Why do you need to gloat about, or advertise, any money invested in your family's property, or the taxes paid thereof? Any property that is inherited, grace of your wife's parents, should be kept as a family matter. I guess it's a bit late, as you have already shared so much. 175k as a fleet...
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    Holy Heck...$170k tax estimate for next year!

    Congratulations, I guess, on your wife's inheritance.... So glad you shared. I can't wait to buy the t shirt....
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    Ox Tails

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    Ox Tails

    Just made this two nights ago. It was amazing! I had never had ox tails before I met her, and she made ox tail soup occasionally, rarely, that was really good, with a recipe she grew up with on the farm. But this was outstanding. I wasn't really sure how much beef broth to use, so I...
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    How many here are "only children?"

    And yet because my brother is a lawyer, and because of the trials we have overcome, even with the saber rattling of extended family we hardly know, the passing of my parents has been much easier. John, it's not anything like you'd expect, is it? But, just remember that in 100 years, none of...
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    How many here are "only children?"

    Yep. Thanks.
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    How many here are "only children?"

    Thanks so much for the input....I've been thinking that we need to be grateful for the blessings we have, and the ability to provide for him... AND WE ARE GRATEFUL. The complication of infertility treatments, IVF, etc, could complicate things further. We are blessed. Thank you very much...
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    In search of a 2nd gen project and this is an example of some of my responses

    Posted my 72 RS here for 4k,and had people wearing me out for 36 hours, until the fellow showed up from Louisiana, about 11 1/2 hrs away with a dolly and cash. Done and gone. He tried to tell me that my frame rails were shot, and the underside needed new metal. I just laughed, because I knew...
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    1932 Ford roadster...what's it worth?

    I'd seriously consider purchasing it, but the price has gone up exponentially with each post, I'm sure.... Good luck, and congratulations!
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    Cars You Like But Won't Admit It

    1969-73 MGB-GT here.... First car I wanted so much and thought I could afford in 1985, and couldn't. until I saw a black, white striped 73 Z28 at work my boss owned. Then I was hooked bad..