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    RS Chrome Grille Surround

    If the repops are nice enough, I'd get one too. I have personally refinished and rechromed a few of those and they were quite difficult every time.
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    Buy your 5 energy why you still can...

    I think its obvious that different chemicals affect people differently. I'm guessing the tiny amount (they sell millions) of issues allegedly associated with the 5hr drinks were caused by either unhealthy individuals to begin with, those who overdosed, or those who were simply highly sensitive...
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    Which gas grade do you use?

    Back when I still had the 79Z, the engine I put in it was a carbed 9.5:1, and it seemed equally happy with 89 or 93. My daily driver 03 Eclipse GTS requires 91. Of about 2 dozen stations I've been to since I got the car, only one actually has 91 available, so I just alternate between 89 and...
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    Holy Smokes, Craigslist WIN

    I grew tired of dealing with the endless stream total idiots on C-list. SO I have my C-list savvy and patient-with-idiots brother sell my cars for me. I tell him the minimum I need; he gets to keep any more than that. I just got tired of having to repeat everything I had written in the ad...
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    Uh, wow.

    I like the front end. The rear needs to be narrowed with the rear tires exposed at least partially. It looks like the builder had talent.
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    Could you live like this ??

    Nope. I hate big cities. so its an easy decision. I'm guessing the ridiculous cost of decent living space in NYC has more to do with it's appeal than any sort of carbon footprint ideas.
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    They're here and getting driver's licenses... autonomous cars We have all thought of how nice it would be at some point to turn on the "autopilot" feature on our cars, especially on long trips. Love it or hate it, I believe this technology is going to change our lives in a major...
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    Plating Shop ?

    Yep, I started a new unrelated job in MI in March. The chrome shop is still up and running just fine. All the contact information is in my profile here. You can PM me with questions as well.
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    Transit of Venus!

    I'm currently in Flint, MI and it is at the upper right area of the sun as of about 6:55PM. I just ran outside to see it after seeing this thread. I don't have a welding mask here, but three dark sunglasses stacked on each other did the trick.:D
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    Detroit: the ruins left behind when city loses half its population

    LOL, I'm moving to Detroit...:cool:
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    Whats the best value car mpg/semi stylish/reliable? AWD preferred

    The stickshift 3 series AWD are rare, but out there. Here is an older one on Ebay right now: I haven't actively searched one out enough to...
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    Whats the best value car mpg/semi stylish/reliable? AWD preferred

    I've never owned one, but my boss is addicted to BMW's so the 3 series with AWD came to mind. These came with manual trans. available with AWD as well. Any Audi would work too (they are all classy IMO,) especially the TT coupe, it just looks fun. If I were rockin in Alaska, I would have...
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    Turbocharged, AWD, and 300' of rubber...

    Right on. Imagine a brand new Chevy Cruze SS with a turbo 3.6 AWD. 400hp stock. :crazy: Its a shame they axed Saturn, this would be a perfect Red Line option. Maybe the C7 should get some turboed DI V8 action. GM has the massive R&D to make a real performance-oriented world class...
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    727 cubic in 1275hp streetable motor

    Unless its set up for drag with slicks on a prepped surface, I can't imagine being able to use even half the torque without an AWD setup. I'll take 2, please. I'm guessing the MPG to be about 0.5/1
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    R.I.P Carroll Shelby

    My parents bought a brand new 83 Shelby Charger. I spent the first half of my childhood in that thing. I still remember the "CS" logo embroidered on the seats. RIP sir...

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