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    New spindles?

    PTFB spindles use A6 inner and A3 outer bearings, same as 79-81 the outer is larger and can handle more load, I believe you may be able to use A34 outer bearings.
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    PTFB wins UMI challenge...again.

    for the second year in a row Mike Goodman's PTFB equipped 2nd gen Camaro has won the UMI challenge congrats Mike
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    Bigger facility

    Well we are slowly recovering from this latest shop move but COVID has been a real hurdle, supplier shut downs and supplies not always available, but working our way through it .thanks for all the patience
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    QA1 single adjustable shocks

    You should call qa1, 90/10 is a percentage between comp. and rebound, given that it is adjustable on rebound only and it is a drag shock I would assume that the rebound would adjust low enough to give a you what you are looking for.
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    Anyone Using QA1 Coilovers?

    I can understand the frustration sometimes but for those that are reading this I would try and not jump to conclusions. - I will first start with, when lowering a car there should always be a level of expected problems, the suspension was not originally designed to run lower, this can be...
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    Putting the power down

    The car has a suspension set up for touring/autoX Binding is as minimized as possible (bind is REAL bad going around corners) Here is another video I posted of the same car a couple days later at the drag strip.
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    Lowering springs and shocks ... which ones?

    it's a 275, on a Firebird we can do a 315 up front.
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    Leaf Spring slider instead of shackles ?? Pro's and Con's

    I have experience with them, there are a few companies that make them but all have their pros and cons, as one of my many " irons in the fire" I'm working on a set up that is a bolt on. The problems I've encountered: Poor bracket quality but good rollers. Good bracket quality / bad rollers No...
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    EFI system

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    EFI system

    Basically yes I just have the two kit separate
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    EFI system

    I have a NEW in the box Fitech mean street 800 EFi (30008) system with the latest Force fuel surge tank (50004), sold the car that it was to go on. $1250 shipped in the lower 48 US states Pay Pal friends and family or cash in person ONLY this is my private property not business related.
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    Bigger facility

    yes within the same industrial park.
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    Bigger facility

    LOL. well it was not easy finding a shop here in TN when I first moved 3 years ago but even though it was a bigger shop than in IL I outgrew this one quick, then in January the industrial complex owner asked if I wanted a bigger place because there was a bigger stand alone building coming up for...
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    Bigger facility

    Just a heads up, PTFB is moving to a bigger facility in the past few weeks we were able to keep up with orders as long as parts were available due to the lock down, this week however we have been in full moving mode 80% of the shop and warehouse has been moved, we are still waiting on internet...
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    Lowering springs and shocks ... which ones?

    You need to roll the fender lip and massage the seat belt hump

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