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    Even old dog camaros

    Nice , my fav 3 rd gen was 88 iroc, black with the blue stripes on rockers
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    Post a *PIC* of your latest purchase...

    Got few weeks ago , Sata 1.4 for my base coats . I got limited experience but this baby can do a 8” wide path and atomize like a champ
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    Even old dog camaros

    They were all in the high 6 -7 sec range 0-60 and quarters around 14.5 , the 5.0 /5 speed was quick cuz so light, my buds 5.0 was 2900 , no wonder it was fast but the grand national was the winner for awhile , they were cool and a v6 , too bad it wasn’t a twin turbo v8
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    Why do companies do this?

    Gotta make a sale!!! It’s the new thing, oh crap looks likes it’s on major backorder…
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    Even old dog camaros

    I’d buy it to lol, I just feel over priced, to me it’s worth about 15g max that I’d pay, it’s cool but , really slow, a 305 which your gonna yank if wanna go fast. It’s a cruiser with a cruiser motor
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    Even old dog camaros

    I mean it’s nice but 23,000!?!?!?!it’s just under 9000 miles on car.
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    Fresh Paint - First Polish / Detail Recommendation

    I like 3d, the boat wax bottle will do 20 Cars easy, last forever
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    I rescued this little guy

    Good guy!
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    Fresh Paint - First Polish / Detail Recommendation

    I’d bring it back with 2500 polish and then final 3500 polish and see if it dies out. Then wax few weeks later.
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    Black Driveways Matter

    Ummm asphalt petrichor
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    Buttons vs touchscreen whoda thunk?

    I wanna banish all rotary dial gear shift …. Dodge . I was in a 19 Buick today with tbe most annoying gearshift that was super awkward , press button move left and up or something and goes in reverse, just make sure the r is lit up cuz kinda a guess Idk or I just can’t figure them out , but are...
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    Best Guesses here? Blown tire

    My guess it was low on air for awhile and just gave out
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    What color should I paint my 79 z/28

    Color depends on car also, stock look stock colors, modified street outlaw jazz it up with a modern color
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    dodge challenger and charger to be discontinued

    These electric cars should beep when backing, engine noise just cuz they are too quiet and they be hitting everyone if nothing. I don’t like them at all. I have to drive some at work and the stupid gadgets are so annoying, finding how to start and move is a event if you don’t know how
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    What color should I paint my 79 z/28

    I like code 40 light green, it’s pretty rare also it’s a love or hate color