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    The NFL...

    No thanks.
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    Screwed...350 block is shot

    Then why are people constantly asking about drilling out the pushrod hole? They even make a...
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    Looks like we lost all of M21RSZ28 photo archives!!!

    They aren't completely "lost", Photobucket disabled free image embedding through third-party sites (hotlinking). So the threads here with his embedded images are broken. A google search for M21RSZ28 pulls up tons of his photos...
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    Screwed...350 block is shot

    Something to keep in mind about the Vortec motors. They probably don't have the hole machined for the mechanical fuel pump pushrod. 87-up SBC are roller blocks, even if they came with a flat-tappet cam. They may need a couple of holes drilled and tapped, though.
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    Local Advance Auto Parts Expert

    Since you're already on their website, take it a step further and purchase the parts online for in-store pickup. Input a coupon code as well.
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    Rear brake line fitting size/thread for replacement

    The (purple) fitting on the hard line, which threads into the brass block (pic not mine).
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    Door glass blowout clips

    You can restore them with that rubbery, tool handle dip stuff. Might need several coats. They're riveted in place. They keep the glass from getting sucked away at highway speeds...
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    Sway bar to idler arm interference??

    The idler arm's frame mount should kick out and away from the subframe. Flip yours around 180 degrees.
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    81 specific master booster questions

    Yes, on the '81 master cylinder the front port is for the rear brakes. Do they pump up at all with the engine running? Does the car stop well or poorly with the soft pedal? You have the WS6 rear calipers, are they adjusted properly? This is crucial to proper brake operation.
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    Hood hinge spring replacement

    Wedge the (wood) halves of some disassembled wooden clothespins in between the coils while the spring is extended (hood open but lowered as much as possible). Then raise the hood and the spring should be easy to unhook. Any thin scraps of wood (like pieces of paint sticks) will work, too. As...
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    Where to put E-Clips that came in brake harware kit?

    Some vehicles use them to retain the parking brake lever. Scroll 1/3 down this page:
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    Can someone help me with my axle code, please?

    Your best bet is to check each year until you find the code GY. Hopefully, GM didn't use it for multiple ratios over the years. Here's the link:
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    Rocker panel

    In this photo (it's hard to find a photo of these things), I think the driver's side is at the bottom, passenger at top. Front of the car would be to the left of the photo.
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    Rear headliner trim screw holes are wallowed out - looking for ideas to fix

    Take a section of a paperclip, bend it into a V. Stick one leg of the V through the hole. Or any other suitable piece of wire.
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    Plugs in block won't budge-need advice please

    I think it can be driven out via the oil pressure gauge port found at the rear of the intake manifold flange. Are you sending the block out for hot-tanking and machine work? If you remove and replace it (and if...

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