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    1973 Rs/z28 Fs

    Haha...Great guy...He will enjoy it...Sorry to see it go :-/ Does 3 days qualify the quickest sale 450bench?
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    1973 Rs/z28 Fs

    1973 Rs/z28 Fs - SOLD!! It is a Clone car. See my progress thread in my signature for build. New: Fresh rebuilt stock 350, TH350, HEI (about 300 miles on engine) Professional Paint (Jetstream Blue w/ Black Z stripes) PTFB Front & Rear Suspension 10 bolt, 3:42 Posi H-pipe Exhaust Carpet...
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    Philly's New Thread 73 Camaro Project

    very nice bro! I vaguely remember those "horrible" pics.
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    Rescued 73 Project

    Some updated pics of engine
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    '74 Z28 Front License Plate Holder and Auto Shifter

    I have a nice working factory ratchet shifter currently in my car if you're still interested.
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    Happy Birthday A73, wookie, MR. FBDY

    Thanks guys!
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    New DD/Project

    Blazer w/ truck roof & back window portion welded to cab. It will be at a show soon I'm sure, however it isn't a show truck. A conversation piece for sure :)
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    New DD/Project

    Picking it up this weekend & bringing it home.
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    Wanted TB: Early Sec Gen 'Maro

    Mine is for sale....I'm shipping it from FL to where I live now (AZ) in about a month. Take a look at my project thread in signature if interested.
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    Happy Birthday A73, Wookie, MR. FBODY

    Thanks guys!
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    Rescued 73 Project

    still for sale ;)
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    Rescued 73 Project

    Thanks guys. It is also for sale. Asking $17,500
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    Rescued 73 Project

    Haven't posted since getting car back together but here it is.
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    Barrett-Jackson Jan 16, 2014

    My dad does a party bus trip every year to this event from Green Valley/Tucson area and is seeking to fill a 3rd bus for the event. Cost is $50/person & includes admission ticket & drinks on bus. Drinks include: sodas, water, bloody mary's, beer & wine. They depart Green Valley in the morning &...
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    Car show in Oro Valley 9/21

    I went to my 1st car show since being here and there was a nice variety of cars. Anybody go to this show? I took pictures, but need to put them on photobucket. I will post them when I get a chance. 2nd Gens there :/