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    Looking for thick chrome exterior door/window molding

    Got mine from Second gen graveyard. He has wide and narrow chrome bead.
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    Throttle Cable This is what i used or the Lokar version. Had to put a washer at firewall because of the square hole but it works. I tried the four barrel version on a a holley 4barrel but it was to long must has something to do with a hung vs floor mount gas pedal.
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    If you sell used parts or anything read this.

    The great reset step one or two can’t keep up. Not sure which step we are on. Want to see how it happens go to a MX race the sounds of 2strokes for small kids is now quite-battery operated KTMs as they get older all they will ride is battery bikes-KTM will build them as they grow. The sounds...
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    Rear shock relocation kit

    Here is the kit installed
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    Rear shock relocation kit

    I kind of forgot about this post till i seen Modifyer asking in the other post. I did get the kit mounted i will see if i can post some pic tomorrow. It was easy to mount with no problems installing it- drill 4 holes and some bolts. I had some consern with the Pypes exhaust system ( twin under...
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    If you sell used parts or anything read this.
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    73 Camaro rear shock upper mounting holes missing

    Just went though this same problem- car was mini tubbed when i got it. Your upper shock mount bracket was removed when tubbed. If your leaf springs are still in stock location this kit moves them to inside leaf and pretty closes to factory up/down angle. Both shocks will be to the rear of the...
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    Nevada residents might want to read this....
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    Fresh Paint - First Polish / Detail Recommendation

    The system i have been using is 6" rotory buffer with this pad cuts like wool but with out the heat. The best compound i have found for start to finish and clean up is...
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    Many Parts For Sale

    interested in L&R lower door panels- good ones L&R sail panels carpet guard if still avalable shipped to 45784 Thanks
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    WTB- GM Trunk lock cover/ bezel

    72 camaro going to be painted so pits and bad chrome is fine will need good studs. Thanks
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    1972-74 upper door panels gm

    sent you a PM
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    Tamaraz's Parts

    I have found that when they list on Ebay if it says "last one" you will be waiting a while for it - they do not have it in stock. Think they use it for a placemat so they dont have to make a new listing. I have had my fill of them and stopped ording from them.
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    Early vs late doors

    Should be good it is a 72 on the door panel by all my measurements they are the same as later doors. The nut plate area is what i cut out and replaced in the later door. Hope it works the older doors are hard to find in this part of the country.
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    Early vs late doors

    I picked up a 72 car that had a lot of extra parts ( some i am not sure what they was off of). I got 4 doors with the car 2- 72 doors and 2- 7? Later doors. The passenger door was good( red) the driver door not so much but the later door was good. I own a grinder and welder so 72 door latch area...