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    Yesterday was crazy...

    Days like that are why I like classic cars.
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    1970 Console - I think this CAN be restored!

    I’m very impressed! Top job!
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    Paris 1920’s

    Great video. My wife and I were there a few years ago and a most of Paris still looks this way. There are definitely more cars but they drive civilized with no honking and cutting people off. The outdoor cafe’s now seem to be a bit smaller. We wanted to sit there but that’s where they relegated...
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    1979 305 Intake, carb and air cleaner

    It’s pretty much unfindable for a stock restoration like I’m doing. Thank you for the update.
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    1979 305 Intake, carb and air cleaner

    Here is a pic of what I am looking for circled in green. This is a pic from my 1979 305 but I somehow lost this part in the restoration recently. Thanks, Chris
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    1979 305 Intake, carb and air cleaner

    Hello Jeremy do you happen to have the inlet that attaches to the radiator core support? That’s what I really need 😊 If you do I'd also consider the vacuum lines and correct hose ends that will go with it. All of the vacuum switches Thanks, Chris
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    1" gap between upper and lower a/c vents

    I think it is an alignment problem. When I put mine in they matched nicely. I may have put a strip of tape around the seam to more fully seal it but there was no large gap. This is not a fun area of the car to work on for sure. Cheers.
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    Part for T-Top roof…?

    As for treating the “inside” if you don’t cut it out you might consider using this Eastwood rust encapsulator product. It’ll snake in quite a way through a rather small hole. I can’t vouch for how well it will help in the long run but for $30 it’s worth a try in my opinion. One can will go a...
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    Question on Selling to an Australian

    I detest PayPal and use it as a last resort. I have had a couple of occasions, as has my son, that they side with the buyer in a dispute almost immediately and retract the funds from the seller. I've played hell getting my money back as a seller in these few instances and in one did not get the...
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    Stupidity at its best

    Weed Wacker and a bit of exercise :p
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    Shout out to AMK fasteners

    I wish I had know about them early on in my build. I know now!
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    Stupidity at its best

    Up and down the hill! Not across it! He's soon going to confirm Darwin's theory as many before him have done.
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    Replace the Parking brake handle

    I believe it's just threaded on, twist off the old one and twist on the new one.
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    1979 Camaro base model number matching

    I'm not in a rush to sell it but I'd like to do it while the classics market is still way up there. I'm not going to doubt the knowledge in this community but everything I have ever seen about this car is that it is a 305. I thought there was only a 6 cylinder a 305 V8 and 350 V8 offered in...
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    1979 Camaro base model number matching

    I'm looking for a little guidance on my car. I'm nearing the completion of a complete restoration of this car. I'm the second owner. I have the factory build sheet, original window sticker, bill of sale and all records until I bought it in 2018. I have done a very authentic original restoration...

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