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    Anyone Running This Manifold??

    I had a raised one on my small block. Back-to-back with a Victor Jr the G outperformed it. I have a raised Team G on my BBC and like it. The raised one makes more power than the low one Car Craft tested if you can fit it.
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    702's or 781's on rv 454 ?

    MyBoTy is correct. I have had both open and closed on my engine. Open outperormed the closed, but I did have 2.19s and 1.88s, so you decide.
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    1970 RS - A British Resto

    Very little power can be found in the roller tips though. The power can be found in a roller fulcrum. The roller tips do reduce wear on the valves however...and you are correct, the Comp pieces are way more accurate.
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    hp gains?

    I wouldn't spray it at 2500rpm with a window switch. That's a bunch of load on pistons. Just an opinion... Sounds like it would be a killer combo w/100 shot. Those pesky Stangs will melt to glue.
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    small block head?

    I know I installed a set of IK200s on my brothers 3rd gen several years ago. They have done very well. Of course, these are all opinions, but I only go by personal experience. And mine has been great.
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    small block head?

    Brodix IK series. Great experience with them.
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    454 in my 1980 Z28?

    Regarding the tall valve covers and power brakes, I still use these and run a solid cam, so I remove the valve covers to run the lash and did notice that the tin covers I use "clearanced" themselves but putting a small dimple on them by the booster... And I use stock springs w/iron heads and...
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    383 with Isky mega 280 cam

    Sounds like a good combination. And +1 on the smog check...
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    454 in my 1980 Z28?

    I had those same headers in my 79 at one time. I had no clearance issues w/automatic trans and using the stock motor mounts and frame stands.
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    performer vs. air gap/dual plane

    See, I knew there would be a load of responses crying "DUAL PLANE!!" if I said single
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    performer vs. air gap/dual plane

    He asked about a "different intake, such as an air gap". The air gap is different than what he has now. A single plane intake would certainly qualify as different than the current Performer...
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    performer vs. air gap/dual plane

    Thanks Tom. Look like we have alot in common (Z-28, 496, auto, 4.10s)...
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    performer vs. air gap/dual plane

    Be prepared for 14 posts after I say this asking me "Are you nutts?! This is a street engine!! Single planes don't work on the street dummy!!" I'm going to say this...go RPM Air or a single plane. I don't know your cam specs, but I would imagine you have some duration if you have a roller...

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