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    Th350 Shift linkage issues

    Did the rotating collumn thing I listed above need you to “help” it rotate in order for the car to shift?
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    Th350 Shift linkage issues

    Hey thanks for the welcome everyone. Where exactly is the bushing? I can’t see it in the diagram. I’m still kinda lost. I don’t think the thing welded itself since it still shifts with help. I’ve included a picture of what has “play”. It is normal rotational play though, instead of the...
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    Th350 Shift linkage issues

    Hi first time poster here. I have a ‘70 z28 with a th350 and an original horseshoe shifter but I suddenly started having some issues. The shifter was always either stuck between gears (it would click into place thinking it was in parking, but would actually be in neutral) and etc. I took...

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