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    Identify this cam

    Speaking of stock and non-stock small block street "crate motor" cams, as far as I can remember the best hydraulic flat tappet was the Chevy 3863151. Don't remember the specs and I'm motivationally challenged to research them, but it was a great cam.
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    Replacement Door Glass

    Just saw your post and if you are still looking for door glass I have 2 sets from my 73 RS, $100 a pair, yes in LA.
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    WTB - A/C or heater control panel (any year 70-81)

    Got a nice one from my 73 RS in working condition and I'm also in LA.
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    WTB 1973 rear seat

    I have a black set out of my 73 RS. Pics are in my parts for sale posting.
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    WTB: Pass side kick panel (BLACK)

    I got one. 73 RS w/AC black also in socal (WLA) $30 if you pick-up.
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    Speaking of 502's

    Really? You know this because you are omniscient? If you had said there might be a possibility I would probably have agreed with you. But a divine pronouncement? I guess that's why I try not to waste my time with people like you. Here however, I've wasted my time just for you. The borescope...
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    Why are 73 rear bumpers hard to find?

    So at Billy's behest I'm posting all the pics of the rear bumper I took off my 73 RS. This is exactly as it looks as I took it off.
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    Speaking of 502's

    Yes. With the Chevrolet 4 bbl manifold as it arrived out of the crate $6300.
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    WTB - 1970 Camaro front fenders

    I don't suppose you have any pics of it? Also who made it and howcum you don't need it anymore? Thanks
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    Speaking of 502's

    Here's all the engine info: And I'm in West Los Angeles. Posted price above. $8500
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    Speaking of 502's

    Sorry, All fixed.
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    Speaking of 502's

    Price drop! Until I saw the thread below on 454 and 502 I hadn't considered posting this here. So, that said: Got this Chevrolet Performance 502HO crate motor new from Chevrolet, for a project (my 73 Camaro) but went in a different direction (LS7). Took off the factory 4bbl manifold for the...
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    73 RS parts front and rear suspension, exterior body, interior CA rust free

    OK so a couple things. First shipping moldings is tricky as you can see from the pics. Big flat boxes for little light pieces = expensive shipping. Second thing, for those looking for A pillar interior trim I finally figured out what I have and how it goes in the car if anyone is still...

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