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    FREE Goody Bag Swag for Your Car Show

    Just so everyone knows, they no longer provide these to car shows - so don't waste your time emailing them :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Power Lock and Power Window Switch Mounting Locations?

    Can someone please help provide proper dimensions for the factory location of both the power locks (on the door panels) and power window (Double switch on the console). This would be for the 1980 model year. My assembly manual does not have the proper dimensions for these. Any images or...
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    79 Z-28 5.7 still overheating issues with alum radiator/electric fans

    Did you get that radiator from eBay? I had the exact same radiator and chased the exact same problems as you and finally tried replacing with a cold case radiator and have had no problems. The eBay one wasn’t pulling enough air and didn’t have enough rows of coolant passages. I got a full refund...
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    Let Freedom Ride Car Show - July 23rd 2022 Chaska MN

    Hey guys and gals, hosting my car show again this year. Hoping for some better turnout and no rain! Would love to see some of your NASTY Z's there. I am getting special awards made for each generation of camaro as well - so bring 'em new or old. Register at and use code CAMARO to...
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    Car Show! - Chaska, Minnesota August 7th, 2021

    Hey all. I am hosting my very own car show for the first time! It will be in Chaska MN. I would love to have any and all camaros as well as any other classic cars you have or know someone who does. I would appreciate you spreading the word on this for me as well. There will be awards for 10...
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    tire scrubbing issue

    I don’t have any issues on either of mine running 225 70r15’s which was the factory size for my z28’s. your front shocks or springs could be worn out or like others have said the backspacing could be off.
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    T-Top Rust Holes!!

    what gauge metal should i order to weld in? should i make a z shape and go into the roof or leave the roof line and just make an L shape?
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    T-Top Rust Holes!!

    Hey everyone, working on my newest project..1980 Z28 w/ T-tops and 4 speed. Got a couple of rust holes on the drivers side channel, passenger side is pristine no rust at all. Wondering if anyone has any tips on how to fix this rust? Cut out and weld in a new piece of metal? Any other ideas...
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    Project #2 - Boy Blue 1980 Z28 with T-tops + 4 Speed

    Bought this last may, was busy with school couldn't make a project progress page. Will be doing some write ups now of what i've done so far. Hope you all enjoy!
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    Body Bushings Replacement: How to with tips

    What do I do if I only have 5 body mounts???? Front driver side is missing and hole is misaligned by over an inch. Im thinking some front end damage occurred and someone did a quick fix instead of doing it the right way. probably not gonna be able to get one to go back in there, but can do the...
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    Replacement Door Glass

    Bought mine from auto city classic they have tinted green and they also have a factory tinted gray that looks fantastic. Fitment is pretty darn good
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    80 4 speed backup light wiring

    I bought a little switch from summit Is this what you are talking about? What wire plugs into it? Where is the wire located or where should it come from? Hoping this guy didn’t chop it.
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    80 4 speed backup light wiring

    hi everyone Putting a Muncie 4 speed in my 80 Z28 while I am getting the engine rebuilt. the guy before had put a hurst shifter on his Saginaw, I’m putting a hurst shifter on my Muncie. Backup lights didn’t work before and I want them to work. What all do I need to do to be sure that they work...
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    1979 Z28 Black amd Orange

    took her for a spin snow wasn't even off the lakes yet. summer is here though. 82 on monday
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    FBody warehouse to the rescue.

    i freelance for rick/eckl, very bad CS. wish i could help the customers more but they kind of tie the employees hands on stuff. they are slow and bad with communication. love pete at body, summit is fastest if you need parts in a few days as well.

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