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    What Gear Oil should I use?

    This ^ Right there!
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    Any love for Base, LTs and Berlinettas? (Long read)

    I have done a few higher model higher optioned cars over the years and I actually prefer more of a base model. As others have stated, you have complete freedom and what you can do to and with the car at that point. You can add all the factory options you want, you can customize it in any way you...
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    Insurance value

    First off, I wouldn't recommend insuring it through most standard insurance companies. Mine wanted so many restrictions and it was well over $1,000 a year for one car. I would recommend only using a collector car insurance company such as Hagerty, Grundy, Heacock etc. They understand the...
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    Painting Question

    They also make color correct touch up bottles you can get to match your factory color. They have a few options for the touch up paint. Spray can, Quart, Touch up bottles etc. I've used them too was a great resource to find!
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    Tire size

    You should be able to fit 235/60/15 up front with out any issue. I have that on the front and 255/60/15 on the rear. My suspension is old, tired, worn and original. I sometimes get slight rubbing on the rear inner wheel well is all. (sorry, don't have any good shots to show the wheels and tires)
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    1976 Camaro-No crank, no start, no head lights dimming and full accessory power

    I agree, check the last variable that was changed (the brown wire). I always start with the simple things and that's almost always what it ends up being, something simple that was over looked. Have you disconnected your battery terminals and cleaned the terminal and the battery cable connector...
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    Trim bezel for 1979 factory AM/FM radio?

    Hard to see in this picture (only one I could find quickly) But that's what I did, used that space between the console and the lower dash. The earlier consoles have a little more space there which makes it almost perfect for a single DIN stereo. It worked perfect for me in my 72.
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    Miles on Tank?

    Once you get a good feel for it and are able to calculate the mileage, If you are still uncertain, I would suggest filling it up every time you reach half a tank. I got used to doing this on my newer cars that have the fuel pump in the tank as they use the fuel to cool the pump and in most cases...
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    Brake Rebuild Questions

    Just going through this on my 67 Firebird. At first I thought I was having issues due to the Cam and low vacuum. (slight contributor to the issues) added a quiet Vacuum Pump, A little better. Changed the front Rotors, Pads & Calipers, a little better. Finally pulled the Master Cylinder and it...
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    Is there a better way than jacking up your car to work under it?

    It's the wife's project. With that said, it's worth more than any of the other cars as that is my ticket to being able to build the other cars. As long as we are making progress on that, there are no issues! Lol, gotta keep things balanced.
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    Barn " garage " find !!!!!!

    Love that Chevelle, what a great find and project. I too love finding something that has been sitting for years and bringing it back to life. I agree, I've been seeing more and more older restorations that have been tucked away for many years. I'm actually working on one right now for a...
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    Lutty’s Chevy

    A few things you always ask especially with interior parts is what manufacturers they sell? (there are only a few really good ones and there are lots of cheap questionable quality manufacturers out there. Most parts houses will carry a few different brands, but can usually order or get most of...
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    Recommendation for all round disc brakes

    For another option, these guys make the brackets that let you upgrade the rest with stock over the counter GM parts. (I kind of like the concept) I have known about them for many years, but haven't used their parts myself. But have heard good things from others that have and just wanted to...
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    Is there a better way than jacking up your car to work under it?

    I used a variety of methods over the years from Jack Stands to Ramps to Blocks, but was never happy with any of them. I looked at all the various low-rise solutions but dreamed about a full 4 post lift (was also looking for a car storage solution) and was always scanning and searching all the...